Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry, one more.

I was just sitting here looking at all the pictures of Lola when I thought she was sooo big and thinking about how smallll she was! 

I love these two pictures together- because it shows a journey…

New baby, swollen, exhausted, running on pure adrenaline, can we say breast milk?,  thick head of hair, mexican looking, careful…



Now a 6 month old, no longer swollen, energetic, running on Lola’s adrenaline, can we say NO breast milk!, thin head of hair, kebby look alike, and carefree…

133 (2)

I was looking at so many pictures when I remember thinking at the time how BIG Lola was… now I can’t believe she was ever that small.  Lola has been such an amazing little pill in my life.  Over all, I can sit back and be at peace.  And that is priceless.  Want me to do a MasterCard Campaign?  LOL 

Really though, I’ll just keep having to have children to remember what an incredible feeling this is… although  I am sure it will never fade, except when the aliens take your children from about the age of 13 to 17.  But don’t worry, my mom swears they always return your kids.  Turns out, they took Nick a little later in life, but they brought him back too.  :)   (My bub doesn’t read this!  LOL)

I better go to sleep early while I can!  And quit blogging. 

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Debbie said...

I love this picture!! Happy Lola and Natalie. She is such a big girl now!!