Monday, October 12, 2009

Head Update

Well I should probably be waiting until tomorrow to write this since our appointment is tomorrow, but just wanted to jot down my thoughts so far.

It’s been a pleasant surprise how easy this band has been and really hasn’t required a transition period.  She has had it on for 3 weeks now and has been great with it.  Sometimes when I take it off she looks at the band like she wants it back on.  It’s cute.  She really has no difference in personality with it on or off.  The first one, she most certainly did.  So for anyone with a band and a child that doesn’t seem to be transitioning well, I would wonder if your band just doesn’t fit quite right.  Ours did not. 

As far as results go, I have been really pleased.  The first week was the biggest shocker, because it went from completely flat to a little round… now that it is just getting rounder, it isn’t AS obvious, but still progressing.  The first week was incredible though.  I am so glad we did this.  I still think Leila from Maysa’s Blog was a Godsend.  Her and her blog just had such a positive, encouraging impact on me regarding this decision and process.  I love seeing Maysa’s progress even after she has graduated from the DOC band.  I can’t wait to see what CT says tomorrow regarding her progress.  Julie told us 8-10 weeks total.  She thought 12 weeks wouldn’t be needed.  So 3 weeks down!!  If she only needs 9 weeks, then she will be out by Thanksgiving.  I was thinking, as long as the band fits (she doesn’t outgrow it) then why not wear it, even if it’s 12 weeks.  It  just seems like you would get better results.  ??? I’ll have to ask them how that works. 

Well, I still haven’t decorated it.  I just don’t think I will.

Okay- I guess this might be me just venting- but here are the latest comments people say regarding the band: (DRIVES ME NUTS!)

How’s this working out for ya? (As she taps on the DOC band with her finger).”  I just shot the lady a look.  Really?

“She looks like a football player.”  I guess this was someone’s way of asking what it was…???  I basically ignored the comment.

“Why would you put that on her head?  It will round out on it’s own.”  Oh really?  It will?  Oh, do you research plagiocephaly and brachycephaly and have you been researching it for decades and decades? 

Now some people are kind and tell me about their child or grandbabies who wore one, and how pleased they were with  the results.  And some people just treat Lola like she doesn’t have it on and as if they don’t even see it!  And others just stare.  I don’t mind people asking what it is, but don’t just stare.  

Well I think I am going to bed early tonight!  :) I have a bunch to do tomorrow before I go out of town!!! :)

Night, Night. 

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are rounding out for Lola. She is such an adorable baby.

I wrote you a separate email about people's comments but I'll tell you here in short what my take on it is: Say it like it is and don't hold back, yet, try to educate them whenever you can.

Going through this head-rounding process is stressful enough so for anyone to then come to you and comment about it all in a not so "nice/educated" way is more than anybody should be dealing with.

All I can say now, though, is that I am so happy for Maysa (and myself too) that we were able to band her and get her head to look beautiful again. I hope you feel the same way soon too.