Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy Week

We had such a busy week this week between work, appointments, and all the other fun stuff… next week should be pretty busy as well, as my first work deadline is Thursday so finishing touches will be made to the first training book. 

Lola is teething again, and boy it seems worse than the last two teeth.  Saliva everywhere!  Which makes spit-up worse, and have I ever mentioned she spits up TONS already!  You may notice her cheeks pretty pink in some pictures- seems to be what they do when she is teething.  I had to get back out the Tylenol poor thing.  I think she was a little fussy in the church nursery today because when I went to get her, she wasn’t in her room, and here she came around the corner in a double wide stroller being pushed.  She looked so hilarious scrunched on one side, with her blanket and band, and she was chewing away on the strap.  LOL.  I was glad I got her a few minutes before church ended… I get so anxious leaving her.  It’s hard to focus.

So Lola has this new face expression I LOVE!  She has done it here and there before but it’s all the time now.  She lifts her head and so you can actually see her neck (probably thanks to getting older and neck exercises)  and then scrunches her face all up.  It’s funny.  She does it when she’s having fun!


We had our usual CT appointment this week.   Here’s Lola and I having a photo shoot while they adjust her band. 


Here is Lola’s head on a stick.  LOL!  Sounds funny but as you can see it is true!  We get to keep it when she is done with treatment and I can always show her what her head would have looked like if we didn’t put a cute little, expensive band on it!  I think this is cool and plus it helps us see and note the changes.  I have some side by side pictures, but I’ll wait until another post to show them.


Check out the teeth!  They seem to keep growing and growing-


Teething means more sleeping which has been great since Lola doesn’t typically like to nap.  Here’s how I found her the other day and once I made sure she could breath I took a picture!



Lola’s love for standing and walking isn’t slowing down any.  I am trying to work hard with her on Tummy Time and crawling so she doesn’t skip that stage.  We will see what comes first.  Who know’s.  Here she is standing in her crib! LOL-What’s up with that face?


We got the pleasure of meeting Nick for lunch on Thursday, although he had lunch and I ordered breakfast! :)  We love spending time with Uncle Nick, our bubba.


Friday night was Pokeno Night at Lauren’s house, which was a lot of fun.  Her house was real cute and her and Laura hosted the night.  They fixed some baked spaghetti and had Chick-fil-A Sweet Tea! Yum! We all went home with cute surprises too!  I got to enjoy this night out thanks to Clay babysitting.  I love when Clay watches Lola, because I feel much more appreciated and missed when I get home.  Remember those days ladies?  To help pass the time his parents and Gran and Papa stopped by to see Lola.  Gran and Papa were impressed by how big she is.  I hate I missed them, but glad Lola got to see them. (They live in Mineola.) 


Saturday was pretty busy too, and thanks to Rox for letting Lola and I reschedule, we all got to sleep in a little!  Lola, Clay, and Me all slept in then fixed a late breakfast, and put on a little Saturday morning cartoons.  Then Lola and I headed off to Maw-Maw and Paw-Paws so they could see her!  Maw-Maw wanted a certain picture of Lola that she had of the rest of us so we had a little photo shoot, again!

087 097 084

I love this picture.  I think it may be a good Christmas gift picture!


After that we headed to Mom’s to help Kebby get ready for Homecoming.  Mom was at Canton with CLife, but got home in time to entertain Lola while Kebby and I had fun with makeup and hair.  And as no surprise, Kebby was gorgeous.  She went with the dress that most didn’t recommend of the two, YET I LOVE this dress, especially on her.  We are silly, even as we get older!


Making dumb faces!

137  147


My family never fails to jump in the background of pictures!

141  148

Lola was really excited to be in this picture! LOL  Her favorite person besides me and Clay of course, just might be Kebby.  She goes crazy over that girl!

126 119

Beautiful girl!



Gram and Popper came to see Lola this week.  They missed Clay because he was a working away still.  Clay and I always joke that people don’t really care to see us anymore anyways, and though we joke… It’s true.  LOL



Here are some photos!  After I work, I always want to spend  like an hour just loving on Lola… so we play and laugh and of course take pictures!


052  075 069

Well Lola’s taken the longest nap ever!  And I tried to see if Clay would let me run some errands while she slept but he was scared she would wake up and he wanted to watch football, but this ended up happening!


Both sound asleep and no football watching going on.  I was going to do laundry but it would have woken them up… so I blogged!  I’ll post videos later when they aren’t sleeping!


Ginni said...

Good post! I love all the pictures of Lola and her rosy cheeks! My favorite is the one with your mom and kebby, she just looks like she is cracking up!! ha ha. Oh and I like you hair curled like that, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Precious! All of the pics precious! She is growing up so fast and doing so many things. I love looking at all of these and seeing what a great time all are having!!
I loved her peeping from the blanket with the big smile on her face. But all are darling - who can choose! Thanks for sharing. I love you!! Meme'

~Laura~ said...

wow! lots of pics- love it! The blanket ones are super cute! She is changing soo much!!
Interesting how you say Lola has rosy cheeks from teething, Aubrey's have been too and I didn't know why, so, I looked it up if teething can bring that on, it can! I agree, teething the second time is much worse!! I don't know why though?? I think her next one is going to be on the bottom again though! Poor babies :(
And, Kebby looked really cute! I like the dress too! :)

Debbie said...

I love the pics you took at MawMaw's house!! So cute! Lola Lou grows ever single day!