Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sick Baby

Lola is sick.  She had a 102 fever, yet it went down by the time she went to bed, so hopefully this isn’t anything too serious.  I decided to wait and call the doctor tomorrow morning.  I didn’t realize she had fever until late afternoon, although since early morning I thought she wasn’t feeling great, so I missed my window of opportunity to talk to the pediatrician unless I wanted to pay a fee for calling after hours.  YES!  You heard that right, a fee.  They charged so I decided I would give her some Tylenol and see what happens.  And I wasn’t taking her to the ER because I am sure it is filled with Swine germs.  Hopefully her pediatrician will see her tomorrow, so we can figure out what’s going on.  I don’t think he would have told me anything that would have been worth a fee and she wasn’t terribly fussy.  Nurse Ginni, the fam, and Dr. Laura all gave their advice- so we had it all covered

Lola and I are in bed now and she is starting to toss and turn… so good night!

Say a little prayer for Lola :)

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