Monday, October 12, 2009

Pictures from Nick’s Triathlon!

I posted a lot of pictures, but I think they are cool and I am totally impressed!  This just seems almost ridiculous!

(I had fun using my nice camera!  I don’t use it as much as I should, so I am going to start using it more! I even got to use the nicer lens! It was fun!)


Here is mom watching for Nick. She got a little worried, because he was half an hour late according to his estimation of what time he would be at the run.  We found out later that he started late, but didn’t know that at the time.  This is a real, in action shot of mom waiting and watching.  LOL!  She looks cute in these pictures though!!


We thought it would be funny if we missed him because we started taking pictures!!  Mom made this sign!  Nick did look glad to see us! And we were glad to finally cheer him on!  We felt like we accomplished something too! LOL! DSC_0181

This was when we finally spotted him coming!  GOOO NICK!


He spotted us!  See the smile?








His arm looks so big!



They write their ages on the back of their legs which made for a GREAT guessing game to entertain us while we waited for Nick to pass us by!  I was pretty good as guessing ages!



We are so proud of you bub! 

Love, Nat

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