Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Balancing Work and Lola

Well, no crap… guess what happened to me tonight.  Clay did everything- what do I mean?  Well Little Miss Lola wouldn’t nap today.  The total nap time from morning till night was a whole 1 hour!  60 minutes… and it took me two hours to just get her to sleep for 60 minutes.  She is much more like her daddy because I need my sleep.  Lola doesn’t however.  But thankfully she sleeps pretty good at  night.  But because she didn’t sleep much, I was going crazy.  I was trying to work, which I desperately needed to do: #1- I need money people.  #2- I have deadlines and just because my dad is my boss, doesn’t mean I can ignore them… In fact, he stays on top of what I have done and what I have not done.  So I only got 1 hour of work in, so I called Clay and asked him not to work out so he could take care of Lola and allow me to work… unfortunately he still got home late, because of work, but the minute he walked in- he ran the show.  He played with her a lot, then fed her dinner, fixed me dinner, then bathed her, then played with her a lot more, then fed her a bottle, while listening to blues and rocking her- out she went!  FINALLY!  He laid her in our bed since she sleeps so much better in there so we could enjoy the rest of the night baby free!  No offense Lola- we love you.  And she went to bed at 9:10 p.m. instead of after 10:30 p.m.  But honestly- I would rather a couple of good naps and her go to bed later- but it was nice tonight!  THANKS CLAYTON!  He is becoming a pro and I was able to work for 2 straight interrupted hours! So I got 3 hours in today and tomorrow Lola is off to Nonna’s so hopefully I can finish this up and get a couple of meetings in tomorrow.  I normally like to work 2 LONG days and just work 2 short days, but lately I have worked a lot of medium days and that isn’t as fun, not that any of it is… lol :)  BUT I am thankful that I am working and have a way to help out the family.  And Clay should be glad I am working or else I would probably want a sibling for Lola.  Looks like I will be working for a long time once Clay reads this part.  Hahaha.  Oh Clayyyyyyyy. 

Second, I am so determined to work out now.  It’s really hard because I have to do something that Lola can be a part off, so Laura and I are going to be accountability partners and work out partners.  It will be easier, since we both have the hassle of babies with us.  We will work out outside most of the time.  I need to look for a “baby and me” work out DVD or something of the sort! LOL I am definitely back to pre-pregnancy weight and for the most part size, but just need to tone up and honestly, I would really like to loose 10-15 lbs.

Okay so I wasn’t planning on posting pictures so soon, but I have some cute ones of Lola trying a new baby food this morning that she really enjoyed. 




And I have some cute ones of Aubrey and a surprise reptile, but I’ll pass those on to her momma’ so she can post them on her blog and surprise you with the cute pictures.  I’ll let her do the honors, because they are really so stinkin’ cute…

okay I just saw Laura’s blog and she already posted the pictures of Aubrey, so I’ll share mine too…


Aubrey: “Mom, why are you letting me play with a snapper?”



Aubrey Thinking: Snappers don’t scare me.  I’ll sit her all day.


“Lola, you dare me to pet the snapper? I’ll do it!”  



I just thought the way the contrast looked on this picture was cool.  Laura, you like?



Laura and Aubrey



Well Lola is officially 6 months!

I am a Proud Momma’  and Wife tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Great husband you have there, Natalie!! Love knowing about your day and seeing the cutest pictures ever~ Thanks for calling me today. I love talking to you. :)