Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother’s Day Weekend!

So we knew the weather called for rain and clouds in Dallas and at the lake, so we figured we would relax in the rain at the lake for a change up!  But to our great surprise it was very pretty today at the lake!  So we put our bathing suits on and enjoyed some outside time, after going “antique-ing” and record shopping.  It really was such a great two days.  We went to the grocery store when we arrived, so we could stay cooped up and had lunches, dinners, and a big breakfast all at the lake.  I could have stayed all week.  :)  Thanks Clay and Lola for making it such a special weekend and I am glad we all got to enjoy it as a family!!


I got Lola this bathing suit because of the cute cut of it, but really do love it on her… we both just need to lay out a little… ignore the white, white skin.  :)


We bought this little wagon with tools for $10 at Target Sunday night and it was well worth it.  She loves it!

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I love the walking away pictures!!!


She was super excited over the Diet Coke!

016 017 018

This picture is hilarious because Clay is in the background on the tube!  Haha- love it…

019 020 022

My hubby sun bathing- I have worn off on him! Finally!

026 029 030

She was taken that Diet Coke with her!!

No more pictures Momma!!! 040

She was headed to the dock!


After we played in the water hose for awhile, we hung out on the porch!!

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I love her baby kisses… she is finally getting the concept of closing her mouth and “puckering” to kiss…


She’s waving to the neighbors, although they are not outside… freaky.  Clay and I think she sees imaginary things… hmmm?


A little Benadryl for allergies and hives and finally she collapses at 7 pm.  I love this picture because she looks so cozy and I feel like this reflects her spot in my heart- so comfy and cozy.  Always Lola, I will love you.  Always…



Jillian Knutson said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. Happy Mother's Day! Lola, you are such a beauty!

Nonna said...

Awe...was missing you all in Arkansas and was so glad to see new pictures! Love the ones at the lake! See ya Sunday Lola!!!

Aimee Lewis said...

Cute pics Nat... Baby Lola is sure growing up.. What a little doll.