Monday, May 3, 2010


Lola drank some milk today thanks to a little chocolate syrup… yaya- sugar, etc… but it clearly helped and maybe I can slowly do less and less… plus I used the one with less sugar and cals.

Counting the bottle she’ll have before bed tonight- today’s total: 3! Yaya!  But I don’t need to get too excited… she doesn’t seem to feel 100%, so food and drinks is general has been lower today.  Vaccines seem to do weird things to her… not a big fan people.

So I was finishing up some sewing a few minutes ago and Lola was playing so quietly on the floor… I was just so amazed… then I took a closer look at her “toy!” A Vaseline jar with Vaseline everywhere! Yuck!  Her skin has been worse than ever with her eczema, so I guess it wasn’t terrible… She is super into lids and taking them off and putting them back on right now, so I just asked for this leaving it on the coffee table. :)  Better than magic  markers!

Everyone have a good night!

OH WAIT- Prayers needed!

So I mailed our very last chance at appealing the insurance 5 month 2decision not to cover Lola’s DOC Band.  This appeal goes to the employer to have our policy changed to exempt the exclusion of cranial bands.  If they agree to change it, then the band should be covered.  Please pray, pray, pray!  We are still paying on that expensive little band!  So please pray for good news.  I think we could get back almost $2,000 dollars!

Okay- now have a good night! ;)

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