Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank you Jesus!

My hard work, tears, and prayers proved faithful!  I have big news… you guys just don’t understand what this means to me…

We won our last attempt at an appeal for Lola’s DOC Band!

I am crying again thinking about it.  Over 100 pages in appeal letters and documents trying to make this happen and with our last legal attempt, it did!  Thank you Jesus.  I begged Clay for the DOC Band telling him I would be determined to get the insurance to accept the claim… and I might have even gave Clay my word that I would get us reimbursed since we knew what a financial stretch it would be for us… and I did it!  I felt like I did my part and God did his and we meet in the middle today.  I really felt like God just patted me on the back.  It’s been an emotional thing.  Just can’t explain it. 

So a big hooray for the 80% we get back!  What an answer to prayer!

So for old times sake, here’s to my DOC Band baby!


142 Lola 126 DSC_0002


Ms. Julie is holding Lola and she was great through the whole process! Amazingly the stocking never bothered Lola.


Mom and Dad just being Mom and Dad ;)

Lola 170

Lola 169

My gangsta’ baby!


Trying the  new band out, yet unfortunately this plagio band never fit right and didn’t last long.  They replaced it with a brachy band!

031 (2)



DSC02366 036 (2)

100 - Copy (2)

This was one of the only ways we could get her to sleep in the band at first.  She would take a bottle, watch Charlie and Lola and fall asleep this away.

001 - Copy (3)

She seemed to be naked a lot during this process, especially at first as her body temp adjusted.

 002 - Copy (4)007 - Copy (3) 233 018 - Copy 027 - Copy

Huge relief when she started sleeping on her tummy and quite odd considering she only slept one way since the day she was born.



003 - Copy (2)  DSC03613 090 (2) 345  138 - Copy (2) 054 - Copy 126

Aunt Kebby even would go to weekly CT appointments with us!  What a great Aunt! 068 019124   049 038 (4)

3 Weeks in DOC Band

Lola 3 weeks in DOC band[1]


004 (2)014 (2) 

Before on left.  After on right.

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image


I love it when I snap a shot and go back through and look at them and catch angles like these accidentally. 

I just smile a secret smile.

012 (4) 455   049 043 013 - Copy  196 097

We are just so happy with the decision we made to get the band and the results.  Thank you to all of those who went through this journey with us, provided us with much encouragement and support in many ways, and celebrating this good news with us.  We are so thrilled.  And I can feel like it’s officially over now. :)

So I’ve busted out the chocolate milk to celebrate!


Jillian Knutson said...

Natalie, I am so so happy for you guys!!! I can only imagine that your long awaited answered prayer is a huge relief :0) God is GREAT and miss Lola's head is GORGEOUS. I know as she grows she will undoubtedly be so grateful for a Mommy & Daddy who worked so hard to make this happen for her. You should be very proud. I am thrilled beyond words for your family. Super news!!!

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

hey girl! i saw your comment on my May Sponsors giveaway post and had to check out your site! and what an inspiring post i just read -- what a huge, awesome blessing for your family :]


Aimee Lewis said...

What an answer to prayers! You can really tell the difference when you look at the before AND after shots! What a cutie! It was worth it all.
God Bless.
:) aimee

Ginni said...

Yay Natalie!! This is so exciting, congrats! And Lola's head looks perfect!

*Courtney* said...

Oh, so glad that everything worked out with that!

And yes, we should definately do lunch soon...Savannah's last day of preschool was today and I don't know what we're going to do with all this free time?!

Nonna said...

Yes, thank you Jesus!!! I love your determination for it too! Lola is lucky to have such great parents!!!!