Thursday, May 27, 2010

Calling all Quilters…or if you know one! :)

So in the last week I have discovered a new passion! (Not sure it technically counts as a passion since I haven’t actually started doing it or even know if I can…) Well for now it’s a passion and let’s hope it becomes a hobby too…


I have always loved them!  I have a few and a couple are really special given to me by my Maw-Maw which was her moms who died when Maw-Maw was a young girl.  So, they are quite special!  And beautiful!!!  I’m lucky to have them! 

One of my favorite items in Lola’s room is a bear I bought of etsy made from an old quilt in light purple and pink!  I thought that was  a great way to use old quilts.  Last time I went to Canton I saw a booth that sold lots of old quilts really cheap… and as cool as some of them are, not sure I want to buy old, used quilts.  My “I am a freak about stranger’s germs” side. 

The other day Clay and I went to Yogurtland (quite good and great deals!) and we stopped at a bookstore as well… the last few weekends I haven’t found anything at our usual Borders stops, so I made up for that!  I bought 3 Quilting/Sewing Magazines and have actually made the time to really read them! I am fascinated by quilts and making them.  I can only imagine the proud feeling of accomplishing one!  Which is exactly what I want to do!

So if anyone knows anyone who quilts, I would love to pair up with someone for a couple of brief times to learn as much as I can! 


Considering I can sew some, I feel confident that I can quilt too! Sewing is such good therapy and I like how you can always stop and come back to a project!  (Unlike Baking) And of course the feeling of making something is really inspiring! I think that’s why I love Lola’s room so much and it just makes me want to keep decorating nurseries!  So much sewing to do for a nursery, especially little girl rooms!

And from here on out- I think I just want gift cards to Joanns and Cutting Corners or any other great sewing places!  I may start on a quilt…

This is the magazine I bought and it’s really good!  I loved this quilt!  Doesn’t look as bright on the cover, but still I can pick any fabric I want!  And there’s pretty detailed instructions…


I like some other quilts as well, but I think this one may be a good start one… lol… I’ll have to keep you updated!  I may need to start figuring out where and how I can sew while Lola naps!! Sometimes it wakes her up!  ;)

On a side note- today is day 2 of exercising!  I have just  been taking Lola with me and it’s been great!  Hot, but great!  Today Lola and I were headed to grab a bite to eat afterwards and I pulled into CFA and turned around to get her and she was sound asleep!  I guess all the walking and jogging wore her out!!  :)  Although seems like she may be getting ear infections again or it’s her back tooth- we were up from 3-6 a.m. last night… :( 

Almost Friday!  Hooray!  Kebby graduates this weekend!  YAYAYAYAYAYA!

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