Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whole Milk, Big Girl Potty and Bottles

Well the time has come for Lola to forget about the formula! Ya! I thought this would be exciting but based on the last week or so, maybe not.  She seems to hate milk, but I am going to start warming it and see if that helps.  She certainly doesn’t seem like my child now, hating milk and all. I haven’t decided if I want to throw out bottles at the same time.  I am thinking she may take the milk better if I put it in a bottle.  So we will see I guess!  I better goggle what happens if your 1 year old hates milk!!  Lol

And yep, I am starting to get Lola familiar with the potty.  We sit on it every day and try to go.  This week I will start sitting her on it several times a day.  She is aware of “Tee-Tee” and will tell me when her diaper is really wet, so I think this is a good start.  Her potty plays music when she goes in it, so I think this will be a good source of encouragement for her as well.  I’ll keep y’all posted!  And you guys can make fun of me for starting early, but the diapers that cost $45 dollars last week that are almost gone isn’t a laughing matter.  And there is really no stress involved since I am doing it so young with her… she’ll either get it or not. 

But she definitely gets that milk is not the same as formula.  Hmmm…

Is this a good time to go ahead and retry  “cry it out” in your crib deal? I guess not.  Dr. Bala suggested getting her a toddler bed at 18 months of age and switching her then at this point.  Obviously she can get out of the bed, unlike a crib, but it may just have a better chance at working.  Lola hates cribs.  I went ahead and ordered a toddler bed that will work with her existing mattress.  I have two of the cutest twin beds that I painted white, but since they require such a big mattress (twin- haha) and will take up all of her room, I decided to go ahead and get this bed to transition with.  I hate to move her rooms because she’s upgrading beds, so I think this is good.  Plus, her room is really working out well right now.  It has transitioned into a “toddler room” well.  Here’s the new bed that should be coming sometime this month, but not in a huge hurry. 


I just love Jenny Lind anything!  They discontinued white, so I’ll either leave it this color so it can work with future children (white is awfully girly!) or paint it if I just hate the color.  Don’t think I will though! We will see!

I do want to post pictures of some changes I made in the house, so I’ll try and do that including the twin beds I got and painted.  $80 for the pair at an estate sale and they were in great shape and very sturdy.  I took the headboards and put them on one bed to make a daybed for one of the bedrooms and will someday use them as matching twin beds!

Okay- that’s all I got now…

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