Friday, May 8, 2009

Great Grandparents

Man oh man... Lola is so lucky. She has fabulous grandparents and she also has fabulous GREAT grandparents. Clay's grandparents, Lola's great grandparents live in Mineola and they came for a visit this week to see their great grandchild! And my grandparents, again, Lola's great grandparents, came from Arkansas to meet their first great grandchild. And Lola has also been able to spend some time with her other great grandparents, Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw. Maw-Maw is who she is named after. It is important to me that she knows her, and all of her great grandparents. I try and take lots of pictures. I took pictures this week, yet unfortunately I am still missing pictures of her with Clay's Gran and my Paw-Paw. But her are some recent pictures.

Mom and Dad brought Meme and Papa by, yet they weren't very good at sharing... who could blame them? She's so darn addicting!

Here is Clay's grandpa, Papa, with Lola. Him and Gran were just in love! It's very fun to see, although I still am being a first time mom when it comes to sharing Lola. :) Lol. I'm sure this will get better with each kid... one down, four more to go! Thanks Papa and Gran for driving here just to visit with Lola. She loved the time... and her mom and dad loved the cupcakes! Yum, Yum.

Here is my Papa with Lola. It's funny to see him with so many grandchildren, and now to see him with a great grandchild! Thanks to you two for coming in to meet her!

Here is Meme with Lola. This is my grandmother, my dad's mom. She's a reader of the blog, so she has kept up with the pregnancy. :)

Here is Maw-Maw. Lola shares her name, Lou. Linda Lou and Lola Lou. Maw-Maw got to sing to her the other day, and she knew exactly what song she would sing to her and personalized it by adding her name, Lola Lou, in it. I am sure Maw-Maw had this planned for months. It was very sweet. I should have filmed it.

I have some more videos, but I haven't decided if I want to post them yet. I am taking pictures like crazy, so I'll keep them coming.

And FYI, I am wearing the Moby Wrap right now and LOVE it. It's a lot of fabric and looks a tad ridiculous, yet she loves being in it! I feel like it's much more secure than the sling, and I have one of those too. (I made it!) I am able to finally type with two hands again and she is wrapped up tummy to tummy with me and sleeping like an angel. It's well worth $40. I recommend this. They also say to start them in it young so they like it so that's what I did. And it seems to be working!

Hopefully, I am off to bed if I can sleep... Clay is taking the next two feedings! Yayaya! TGIF! I already slept tonight for awhile and was out cold. Clay left Lola and me in the den sleeping and I had no idea he even left the house for awhile. Haha. It was super good sleep. I cherish it! Yet the bazaar dreams I could do without! Crazy head...

Love Nat and Lola :)


Jillian said...

These pictures are so sweet! Lola is going to really cherish all of them. What a special time. I'm soooo jealous that everyone else gets to spend lots of time with her. Miss you Nat!

Anonymous said...

What good looking great grandparents!! No wonder she is so adorable! :)
(of course her nonna and papee helped also, along with her mama and daddy!!!)
We really enjoyed being there and seeing first hand that all you say is true!!!
Maw maw sing a song to Lola for me!
Love you all!