Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Way to go Pee-Paw!

Well a little over a week ago I had the pleasure of watching my dad play golf with a pro golfer at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. He played in their Pro-Am the Monday before the Golf Tournament! He did a great job and it was pretty fun watching, except for one little incident!

Mom and I took Lola and she was nearly perfect! I got to really break in the stroller Clay's parents got us and I love it! It is so easy to stroll! Haha!

But around the 8th hole, Lola got fussy and wouldn't take her bottle. I figured it was because it wasn't warm so we headed to the hotel by the #1 hole so we could have someone warm it for us. We started the hike back (we walked all of this and all day!) and Lola got pretty fussy which is unusual and I was hurting since I was speed walking! Finally Nonna flagged down one of the golf guys (these guys have names and wear red and he gave me and Lola a ride. Poor Nonna had to walk, so she was going to meet us up there! Lola and I got to the bar and this nice old couple admired her for awhile then left. Lola fell back asleep so I waited to give her the bottle until Nonna got there. In the meantime, another guy came to the bar and started ordering this drink which apparently he wanted made a very specific way. While he was ordering, Lola fussiness because apparent. She crapped everywhere. I heard it and thought "Uh-oh." I lifted my hand from underneath her bottom and realized not a drop landed in her diaper. Somehow it ended up on my clothes, the nice seat cushion at the Four Seasons Hotel, in her hair, on her elbows, in her belly button, and somehow all over her socks. I thought, "Where in the hell is my mom?" I wasn't prepared for the thick, mustard looking substance that just came out of my precious daughter and landed all over the both of us. So I didn't want to totally gross this customer out so I patiently waited for his picky butt to get his drink just perfect then watched him put four Splenda in it, get extra ice, then drop his lid and ask for another one, then taste it to make sure it was good. I almost dumped the diaper in his drink. While he was getting his thirst quenched, my eyes were filling up fast with tears. I didn't have a clue what my first move should be... and still no Nonna. The guy left and I looked at the sweet bartender with a look on my face she probably has never seen in her customers before, and just said, "Lucy, help." That was her name. She came running over and asked what was the matter and I just lifted my hand which didn't show through the globs of poop. She quickly said not to cry and went into action. She must have a few of her own. She wrapped Lola in a table cloth and handed several linens to me. I couldn't get up because if I did I would have pushed all the poop in the chair that was between my legs onto the floor. So I started to wipe myself down, and then comes Nonna. I asked her where in the world she had been and she was nice enough not to remind me that her butt had to hike back up through 8 holes. She knew by my face something had happened though so she took Lola and we all went to the bathroom. By the way, their bathroom was nicer than mine and thank goodness we were at such a nice place, because they have towels and everything else you would ever need in their bathrooms. It really helped since we both needed to bathe. Mom worked on Lola and I worked on me. From now on I take extra clothes and if it's been awhile since Lola has pooped I keep her wrapped in a blanket... I'll be doing this for awhile. While we were dealing with this, Nick shows up and goes to watch Dad. We feed Lola and by now she is super happy. Who wouldn't be after a massive dump, a bath, and then a warm bottle? So Nonna, Lola and myself ALL get a ride to the 10th hole where we stay and watch the rest of the tournament!

Like I said, Dad did great and it really was a great time. Mom and I couldn't have been more tired though and we couldn't even think straight by the time it was all over. I hope Dad had as much fun watching my high school tournaments as I did his. I took lots of pictures so here are a few! Love you Dad and Mom! A big thanks to Mom for cleaning Lola that day! Now I know what to do since it's happened at home several times... I just put her in the bath tub and hose her down!

Dad and his caddy, Jeff. Jeff was originally suppose to play and decided he would be Dad's caddy and let him play. It was kind and we all were so excited!

We were all so proud after he finished and got together for a group shot! Lola thought her Pee-Paw could have been one of the pros because he was so good!

Here is Dad and Jeff with the Pro. I can't remember his name, but I know his dad designed the golf course.

Dad about to putt for Eagle... JK! But I do know this is hole number 17! A really cool hole!

Jeff being funny! He was a good caddy!

I like this shot and dad didn't let these bunkers stop him from making par!

Very cool- hole 17 again.

What a pretty picture... who was the photographer there? Oh ya... ME! lol

Yes, Nick is peeing. Dad didn't know, but now he does!!

You can actually see the ball in the air!

Nick is standing on a hill y'all.

Mom didn't include Lola in the picture, but she's under the umbrella! Nick's shoes were wood soles so when he pushed the stroller he kept slipping. Scared us all a few times! I buckled Lola in!

How does his swing look?

Oh Dad- the ball is suppose to go on the green! Sand is bad, Sand in bad! Just kidding! You played awesome! Wooo-hoooo!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to show these golf pics of 'p-paw'to Papa, he will be thrilled!!
Lola's pictures are so picture perfect she looks like a doll. I have never seen such a beautiful baby!!
Thank you Natalie for doing such a good job keeping us informed. It means more than you know.
Love you!!

Ginni said...

Go Roger!! Good pictures natalie! I still laugh hearing that story, I don't think you or Nonna (or Lucy) will ever forget that day! ha ha

nonna said...

well, I don't like you using the word crapped does describe what happened. I so wish I had taken a picture of you sitting in the bar with what appeared to be mustard all over you and such a funny look on your face. A great memory made at the Byron Nelson.

Jen Smith said...

Have to be honest - hvaen't laughed that hard in a while - that's an awesome story! One that if you aren't already, you will one day look back on and laugh at as well!! YAY for your dad - that's awesome! And some great pictures too!!! =)