Monday, September 19, 2011

Month by Month in Pictures

Barely 24 Hours Old: Already alert and ready to join the party!


1 Month: Sleepy time on her first vacation! Hello beach!


2 Months:  On the way to the doctor for 2 month shots


3 Months: My big girl sitting up


4 Months: Lola was super ready for foods, but ended up being picky just like her momma

4 month 3

5 Months: Such a big girl in her DOC Band

090 (2)

6 Months: Standing up in her crib, but not sleeping in it :(

002 (2)

7 Months: Discovered macaroni.  Loved it like her momma does.


8 Months: Her hair is growing out from her band!

018 - Copy

9 Months: Too early to remember the snow storms, but she wasn’t a big fan

042 (3)

10 Months:  She is walking like a pro!


11 Months: Loved the lake house at an early age

276 (3)

12 Months: Happy first birthday to Lola!


13 Months: Always have enjoyed baths!

045 - Copy

14 Months: Driving was the easiest way to put her to sleep

167 (2)

15 Months: Chick-fil-A’s #1 fan!

001 (9)

16 Months: Getting ready to start school!

055 (10)

17 Months: Loved her crazy short bob.

 061 (4)

18 Months: Modeling pajama pants momma made- Lola loves picking out fabric!

030 (3)

19 Months: Really showing her own personality

050 (4)

20 Months: Lola discovered showers!

072 (2)

21 Months: Ponytails

003 (2)

22 Months: A classic face she still makes-


23 Months: Camping day at school


24 Months: Happy Birthday to my 2 year old- never dreamed I would give in to an Elmo theme


25 Months: My sick baby.  No fun.  She was a trooper as always.


(Side note to picture above: Lola had been very sick for 4 weeks hence the skinny face!)

26 Months: Learning to worry and puts on her “Maw-Maw face”


27 Months: Loving the pools, big and small

036 (2)

28 Months: My creative artist


29 Months: Lola loving her new shirt! :)


Due Date: April 5th, 2012 (And yes, another April birthday! Haha)

We are all soooooo thrilled! I am 3 months and literally can’t wait! I hope it goes by fast, but more so hope for a healthy and happy baby! 

Yay to a second sonogram today!  Pictures of sonogram soon!


Lauren Coats said...

yayayay, Lola! Big Sis!! Congrats to the Swarts Family of 4! :)

Jamie said...


Nonna said...

These pictures made me cry!!!! I so love her and am ready to love another one!!!! Praying for a healthy baby! I am going with a girl because Lola says it is!

Jillian Knutson said...

Beautiful month by month pics! Congrats Natalie, Clay, and big is Lola!! So thrilled for your growing family!!!

ps LOVE the shirt...the same way I plan to tell Kevin when we have another... so please don't think I stole your idea ha ha...too cute!

pps I predict boy this time, are you planning to find out?!

Anonymous said...

Exciting! We will have 22 fabulous grandchildren this time next year! I am so excited for you!
Love you all! Meme'

Candi said...

Very happy for the growing Swartz family. Congratulations!

alycia wheeler said...

precious post.. those pics were sweet. eeeeeeek so excited for you 3..

Debbie said...

We can't wait!! So excited. Lola will be the best big sis ever! Love ya'll!