Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The sewing room makes Lola giddy---

Lola loves to wander down the hallway and yell “Where’s you be Momma?” and when I am in my sewing room and answer I hear those footsteps moving a bit faster and her yelling “I help you make somethin’ momma!”  She loves the room and as much stuff as I have in there, all the pins, scissors, rotary cutters, knitting needles, ink, paint, etc… it seriously seems to be child proof.  She can’t mess up my table.  She is pretty wise on what is off limits but she still likes to sit in my sewing chair and “pretend” to sew.  It’s so darn cute. She keeps telling me she wants a sewing machine so I will find her a pretend one for now, and when she gets barely old enough I will buy her a real one! Can’t wait!  In the bath tub tonight she told me this funny shape bucket we have is her sewing machine and she is making something.  Melt. My. Heart. Make. Me. Giddy. 

This morning I was getting ready for a lesson and Lola was waiting on Nonna and she was just so happy.  She just sat on my stool (although she has kind of claimed it as her own) and talked and talked to me.  So I got out my camera especially when she was “sitting like you, mommy.”  Enjoy all four, because I couldn’t choose just one. Ha!

013  020     016  018


The McCoys said...

She is adorable! I saw this the other day and when I read your post I thought I'd share! Its kind of pricy but thought it was adorable!

Natalie said...

Thanks Trisha! That is really cute! Can't wait till she can fiddle on a real one. Got caught up on your blog the other day but was having trouble leaving a comment! Your boys are precious!

Anonymous said...

She looks so grown up!!--Gram