Thursday, December 1, 2011

Little Baker

Lola is so darn cute right now and has so much life in her.  She just doesn’t like to switch to off mode very much.  I am hoping once she adjust to a baby being around it will help her feel more settled and give her a play buddy.  Her sweet nurturing side may really enjoy having a baby around but her energized, moving body may get frustrated the baby can’t play with her. 

We got the pleasure of seeing Rachel and her little 4 month old boy, Jackson today.  Lola just wanted to hold him so bad and luckily got to!  She might have held him all day if she could and if we would let her.  She was patiently waiting to hold him and finally said to everyone at the table while she reached her arms out as far as they would reach “Can I have that?” I reminded her that the baby wasn’t a that, but a baby boy named Jackson.  She said his name so cute.  Love seeing her around babies!

Lola and I baked sugar cookies yesterday and rolled them out and the mess she made with flour was unreal.  It was everywhere!  And I laughed as she rolled the rolling pin just like Nonna does.  You never realize someone has rolling pin style until you see someone else copy them.  It was crazy how I instantly knew that was the exact way my mom rolls out her cookie dough… I need a video of this.  BUT I did manage a few pictures…

She was thrilled to be making a mess sugar cookies.



Probably a half of cup of flour fell from her shirt.


Love her eyes… oh and nose… and really her lips too.


Lola thought it may kill her to wait for them to cool.


A little sun coming through the blinds… whoops.


Wait, our yellow iced cookie needs PINK sprinkles.


A PILE of pink sprinkles!


Thought she still looks baby-like in this picture… kind of like it.  Don’t grow up Lola!


She seems to really like the sugar cookie, but I’ll go ahead and admit that they didn’t turn out as good as their ratings.  I tried a chewy sugar cookie recipe and didn’t care for them.  We still had fun and she wasn’t too picky.  Lola and I are a sucker for icing.

We will have just as much fun trying a new recipe soon!


Have I mentioned Lola hates dirty hands and her clothes getting wet even if it is barely any water.  I tried to assure her it was okay just to lick the icing off her fingers…


So she gave it a honest try, but it didn’t work.  Had to put the camera down and wash her hands, face, and change her shirt so she could be happy again.  Then she wanted me to feed her the cookie so she didn’t have to touch it… crazy girl!


Last but not least, Aunt Kebby spent the night recently and Lola was ALL ABOUT AUNT KEBBY!  It was so cute and I kept telling Lola it was bedtime and she kept squeezing Aunt Kebby’s face and telling me “I am talking to Aunt Kebby.  Not ready for bed…”  Then Lola would proceed to whisper and giggle to Kebby.  Pretty cute… don’t you think they look so much a like?


Uncle Nick got a dose of Lola’s loving too.  He came home after finishing the IRONMAN (more on this later) and made me promise to leave Lola up past her bedtime so he could see her.  He walked in and she ran down the hallway super fast screaming his name and leaped into his arms.  Nick was so excited and proud and couldn’t believe his welcome!

Maybe she is digging my siblings because she realizes she is about to get one of her own!  4 months to go people!

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Nonna said...

Loved the baking pictures! She does love to bake!!! So sweet! Love the picture of her and Aunt Keb...they look so much a like! Hugs!