Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas from Sew Creative

It feels quite odd, but this year, for possibly the first year in my entire life, I don’t have a tree in my own bedroom… Our second big tree I decided to put in the Sew Creative Studio (my craft room) since I spend so much time sewing and creating in what now is my favorite room in the house (even though every room is quite favorable to me!).  I thought the girls taking lessons would enjoy it too!  Can’t wait for them to see!

Thought I would share pictures of my room and crafty Christmas tree that I actually didn’t decorate- my mother did!  Kind of a trade off- I went with Kebby to help register her for Spring classes (good ol’ college advising- do not miss that!) and mom stayed at my house to entertain Lola and… she got crafty and decorated my tree.  I didn’t want to spend the money on ornaments for it and thought at some point this month I would make some… mom to the unmotivated, pregnant girl’s rescue!

Okay I will show the tree first!  Not one penny was spent on decorating this tree…



031 032

My mom may have bought the little red frames she painted- so maybe a few dollars?

036  042

Pictures of the entire room! Absolutely love that I turned this into a crafting and sewing room! (Ignore Lola trying to put her panties and pants back on in my foyer- crazy, sweet girl)


My ironing board gets used religiously and I think I should just leave it set up- similar to bed making- why make it every day when you get back into it at night?  Just makes you feel better to make it I guess… so I hang it back up.


Ginni and I managed to shove this $25 bookshelf into her car and so glad we did.  I have loved it and even grew to really like it stacked on top of the dresser donated by Clay’s parents and painted by me!


Still love the green shutter solution to hide to Lowe’s garage type shelf when entering… but still love the Lowe’s garage type shelf for storage.  It works perfectly.

030 025

002 (3)

The room has gotten tons of use and imagine it will only get more and more through the years.  Everyone seems to so enjoy it like I do and that makes me happy to share it.  Also, love that other lovelies are developing a passion to sew and create!

005 030 023 (3) 007 (2) 073 (2)

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Lauren Coats said...

ok, super cute sewing christmas tree. i must see. i want to do a lesson and make a doll - can that be done in one lesson? because i can only afford one :) i will even drop sawyer off with my MIL because I know I won't finish in time with her there and I'll keep my mouth shut too so that we don't get carried away talking too much ;) I have mondays and wednesdays during the day…either of those work for you?

~Laura~ said...

very cute!
and is that the ruler i got you as the star?? :)