Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Weeks/Belly Picture- Dun, dun, dun…

Well I start my 26th week tomorrow and 14 weeks to go just doesn’t seem far away at all… but when I think about how much the baby will grow in 14 weeks, I can’t imagine being and feeling that much bigger!  Two nights ago I slept for 13 hours and last night hardly 5 hours.  Went to bed after 1 a.m. and woke up at 3:30 a.m. with really bad indigestion or something of that nature and couldn’t go to sleep.  Lola and Clay are on either side of me snoring and I just wanted to get up and sew… I knew if I did I would never go back to sleep and I need my sleep these days…although I have always been one to need my sleep- it’s just worse now! ;)  Lack of sleep while pregnant means I have zero tolerance… and that’s not good and obvious to everyone around me.  Oops.  Sorry family and friends…

But- here’s a belly picture!

I forgot to have Clay take one so I took one with my camera on timer and Lola was playing around me…  About this time in my pregnancy I always want to cut my hair off and last time I did, but bc I promised Clay and bc Laura keeps reminding me it will make this L&D look different in pics, I am leaving it to grow.  


She soon caught on and quickly jumped in the picture and later I realized she posed too!  Haha- so cute!


I have a doctor appt next week and will be 27 weeks then… Interested to see my latest weight gain.  I think it’s rising fast now. BTW these are my favorite pregnancy jeans.  Gram bought this for me (Gap) and they are the ones that have not much of a band at all.  Last pregnancy I hated these and wanted the full band and this pregnancy I hate the full band and LOVE these!  They are pretty darn comfortable and will easily fit the entire pregnancy. Thanks Gram! Gap always seems to pull through on maternity jeans/pants.

Lola may just go to the next appt with me.  She has been dying to and I think it’s a good thing for her.  She has been the sweetest big sister already… although she isn’t a big fan when we are working on the nursery… She starts to want a little more attention than normal. Hoping that is better when there is a baby here for her to love on and not worse.  She still talks to my belly all the time and definitely is well aware that my tummy is getting bigger and bigger by the week.  She says the cutest little things about it that only your two year old daughter could get away with saying.  Oh Lolie- I love you.


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