Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving- When? What? Ooops.

I don’t know if I can blame this on pregnancy brain drain, lack of NO pictures, or simply not being my favorite holiday- but I totally didn’t blog or acknowledge Thanksgiving!  What in the world?

Well here is this year’s run down of the holiday- My side of the family did a Thanksgiving lunch the Sunday before since Nick would be gone on Thanksgiving- Where might you ask?  Only gone to Cozumel to become an Ironman!  Woohoo- which he did! So it was nice… didn’t get any pictures but my mom covered the table in paper and wrote our names down as place settings but everyone wrote something by your name telling why they are thankful for you… my dad wrote on Clay’s name “For putting up with Natalie”  Bauhahahaha… the rest were pretty sweet…. And I liked the idea a lot!  We had a great time and everyone liked the new recipes these year (except Lola and myself- we both agree it is weird to eat Turkey).

On Thanksgiving day we had a nice time at Debbie and Rocky’s house with Clay’s side.  It was nice not having to split up the day-  Took Lola awhile to warm up to extended family she doesn’t see as often, but once she did- she was very entertaining and had a great time.  Once again, lots of good food and good times…  Clay stayed awhile after us to watch the game and keep hanging out, but Lola was ready after several hours, so we headed home and c-r-a-s-h-e-d.  My pregnant self gets outlasted by Lola a lot now- but at the end of the day we both equally love to crash.

I really am much more of a Christmas girl though and am looking forward to the next couple weeks.  My oven is broken (tears falling…) and so hopefully we can fix it soon so I can keep baking holiday cookies.  They are my favorite.  Lola and I will need to make some Spritz cookies!  Such a sucker for sweets.  Hoping it’s nothing major- and just the element thing at the top… half the oven works still!

Well- despite Thanksgiving not being my favorite and slipping by me- I am a very thankful girl this year. 

1. A new baby arriving less than 4 months away (Do you like how I said arriving as if he or she will pleasantly be dropped in my lap and I don’t have to actually push the baby out of my vagina!?)        

2. Clay has a wonderful new job as an Editor for Boy’s Life Magazine… he started the first of this month and seems to already really enjoy it!  We are really excited about the change… Clay is good at landing job’s when I am pregnant!  Seems to be a pattern now! :)

3. Of course I am always thankful for Lola- extra thankful that she seems so excited about being a big sister though!  I know she will be the best big sister!

4. Thankful for so many other things this year too: family of course, Sew Creative, CFA job, my home, health, and just the joy over the fact that 2012 already seems to be falling into place for everyone.  It’s going to a be damn good year and excited to see what God has in store for everyone- including if this kick-boxing baby of mine is a boy or a girl!  Woo-hoo!   

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