Saturday, April 25, 2009

I can't remember the last time I was up by 6 a.m. It had to be when I was working at Chick-fil-A and opening the store in the mornings, which was several years ago. Lately I have been staying up till around six then going to bed, but today I was up by 5:30ish after a crappy night of sleep.

Yesterday I didn't feel very well and kept cramping and having this "cookie jar" pain that would shot down the left side of my inner thigh. It ended up messing up my day, because I couldn't manage to get much done. When Clay got home, he could tell I was restless, yet didn't feel like doing anything either. We adventured out though to do a couple of things on "my list." The pain I was experiencing seem to get progress and intense and plus I was having some contractions. I was nervous that I could have gone into labor, so it made me even more motivated to run those errands. It got to a point where I couldn't walk without the pain, and I was nervous of falling. Clay pretty much held me up while we walked through a couple of stores, then it got so bad I had to sit in the car and let him finish checking out. I called the doctor. The doctor on call is very nice as I spoke to him early on in the pregnancy. I really like him. He explained the pain! Finally. My doctor didn't have an answer for the pain, yet this doctor did. It actually made a lot of sense too. I should have realized it. As Lola is getting ready to enter the world, she is getting lower and putting pressure on a nerve. Normally when this happens it only affects the left or right side, not both. It's only on my left side of my inner thigh (and cookie jar) and when it is real bad it shoots down to my left knee. He said it can be quite painful and nearly impossible to walk, yet not dangerous long-term. I guess I didn't realize it could be a nerve because of how bad the pain is, yet now I definitely think he is right. So it didn't get much better the rest of the night and I tried to stay off my feet so I didn't fall. He recommended some things to do, and they helped a little. He said there wasn't that much too do and it was a good sign. He thought I could likely be in the hospital before Monday's scheduled induction.

So why am I up now? I woke up with that darn nerve pain. I can't believe I am having it even when I lay down down. Sucks... not quite the way I would like to be woken up. Plus, my hips hurt like hell, quite frankly. I feel like they are being cranked open by a machine made in the 1600's. Then I also had a couple of good contractions. So sleeping just wasn't in the mix this morning. I took a hot, hot bath to try and help D) all of the above. It does help some. The doctor on call said hot baths help because it lifts your uterus taking pressure off of the body so it helps with contractions, hip pain, back pain, and even the nerve pain. I knew I loved baths. If I was a little tougher, I would like to have a water birth... but ya right.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Funny. Okay so the other night I was hurting some, yet mainly really restless. I was in desperate need of a good night sleep and not getting it. The lack of sleep was making me a little... um, emotional. So around four I finally decided to see if Clay would wake up and tickle my back or just calm my spirit a little. So I woke him up and told him I was having a terrible time and hadn't been able to fall asleep yet. This is all around 4 a.m. (Little did I know this would get even worse.) I asked if he could help somehow. He rolled over and faced me, mumbled something about laying on my back, which he then laid on his back. I asked him why would that help and by the time I finished the question I just heard snoring. What good he was. I knew he had work, so I didn't bother with him again, and just went to the den. So that next evening I told him about his funny advice and that I didn't think he ever really woke up. I found it funny, yet he felt bad so he told me next time to really wake him up and he would be glad to help any way he could. Sooooo... early this morning I attempted to wake him up. Once again it wasn't very successful, although a little better than last time. He recommended I turn on the TV in the bedroom. That didn't help so I eventually got up and took a bath then came to the den to blog mainly to keep my mind occupied. Well, I started laughing a minute ago, because my sleepwalking husband came in here to check on me. He probably heard the bath run and then realized I wasn't coming back to bed. He was real sweet and said he would be glad to stay up with me. He seemed sooo tired. He even said he would stay in the den with me, yet that just means he would fall asleep on the couch, and snore, and take up all the room where I couldn't lay down anymore... haha. I assured him I was okay and haven't had a contraction since being in the tub. I told him to go back to bed and I would definitely wake him if I started hurting bad again. How sweet he was trying to be.

So I made the baby sling. Great idea to do it myself. I really like it and feel it is very safe and strong. I had to learn different stitches and techniques that make for a stronger hold. I made the sling reversible. One side is bright pink with little white polka dots and the other side is pink with skulls and crossbones and abstract little things. It's funky. I bought a sweeter fabric and plan on making another. The patterns sell for 12 bucks. The fabric was maybe 20 all together. So each sling ran me about 16 bucks. And really it could have been easy to find the fabric for 5 dollars or less, except I wanted to line my tote to make it reversible. I'll post a picture of me carrying Lola in it very soon! I am sure it beats carrying her in my belly!! I like creating things. That was my first time to really use a pattern, and I managed. It was a little confusing at times, but I just took it step by step... (that's the TV show on right now... you guys remember that show?!)

Okay- well I am going to lay down and see if I can get a couple more hours of sleep. Everyone has recommended sleeping as much as possible now! Easier said than done. I almost took a Tylenol PM, yet I didn't want to sleep my Saturday with Clay away. I have a list of what needs to get down before Monday or whenever she decides to come... I don't have time to sleep during the day!!! Or have this nerve pain. Weird.

I'll keep everyone posted! I am going to write while in the hospital, yet on paper probably. So when I get home I'll have to transfer it to my blog so I will always have an account of how everything went. :)


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