Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wowzers- that's one big belly!

I feel like at any moment by entire belly might just fall off of me because it seems so out of place and HEAVY! It's really weird because the belly itself doesn't make me feel frumpy or unattractive like I thought it may. It's more the lack of energy, the inability to move around as good and quick, and the comfy, but totally dorky underwear. :) I love the belly!

Here is the complete profile shot. She is really out there. It's so funny how when I am out in public everyone has an opinion if it's a boy or girl by the way I look. Even once I tell them it's a girl, some swear to me it's a boy and don't believe me! And then some swear it's a girl simply because they think that not because an ultrasound said so! Crazy folks.

Home Sweet Home! Lola- this is your first home! We hope you like it and have a feeling you will love the backyard as you grow. Your Daddy and I were just talking about how the yard, especially the backyard will be a great yard to hide Easter eggs! Maybe next year we can help you with an Easter egg hunt!

This picture most wouldn't get, but my family does and it's a Clark classic. I had to have one pregnant! I'll have to get Nick to actually look at the blog. He'll appreciate this picture!

Last picture! I liked this one... Clay and I need a newer one of us together though! Can I crop him in! Hahaha! Well bedtime for me and my feet are swollen now that I have set at the computer for a little while! Hahaha!

Good night!


Carole said...

You look so great....I am praying for you and getting so excited to meet and love on Lola. Hope you have a great birthday. Lots of hugs, Carole

Anonymous said...

Natalie, you are a beautiful mama!!
I love all your pictures and enjoy reading all about everything about you.
Your home is picture perfect.
I need some of that strong arm scrubbing up here in our house. I will hold the baby and watch you.;)
Happy, happy birthday!!! Love you lots.

*Courtney* said...

It won't be long til you have a baby and not a belly! Praying that everything goes smoothly for y'all. :)

Jen Smith said...

SUPER cute pictures!!! You are so precious!