Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol

Okay, so time to write about American Idol, since I am a pretty big fan of the show and all. My mom is hooked and now has my dad hooked! My dad even knows all their names and we exchange opinions on each performance! Very funny! Clay and I watch every week and critique everyone as if we are professionals! I guess that's why people like the show though! And we love listening to what Simon says and the looks he gives the contestants and other judges. The other night when Kara was judging someone, he was making fun of her and happen to still be in the camera shot, and it was very funny. It reminded me of something I would see in my 3rd grade classroom (when I taught).

My thoughts on tonight's show. I say them like their facts, but let me just say I do realize they are only my opinion!

1. I was disappointed Matt didn't do something more original. I like him and as badly as I want to like his performance, I just never really do.

2. A lot of people seem to like Danny, but from day one I haven't quite trusted him. There's something about him that seems... well, I can't put my finger on it, but flags go up.

3. I love Allison! She is great, especially at 16! I like how she is always herself.

4. Lil needs to be done. Her voice is pretty good, but she seems lost as an artist. I hate that, and I know a career would probably be great for her and her family, yet she hasn't found her spot yet.

5. Anoop needs to go with Lil' tomorrow night. Not a fan and I can't imagine him doing this for a living. Tonight he seemed to get angry with Simon and seem to work really work hard to hide it and seem cool. Clay and I thought it was funny.

6. Adam's performances I look forward to and I liked the one tonight, but he seems best doing Broadway, because he always seems to have a more theatrical or emotional performance. Sometimes he grosses me out, yet I do like his voice, especially on songs like he sung tonight.

7. Okay, Okay- my top pick by far is Kris Allen! Love him! He seems to get better every week and really has become his own lately. I feel like he progressed steadily and I think it's paying off. AND he is an Arkansas boy! Conway! My parents actually know his parents and my mom decorated for his mom long ago! How funny! But he is my vote and I think that crooked smile of his doesn't hurt! Clay likes him a lot too, but the crooked smile probably isn't the reason! LOL!

Just thought I would write about American Idol tonight. It's nice to try to keep my mind off the last few days of pregnancy. I am pretty uncomfortable tonight. I wonder if in years to come I will be able to read this like an old journal. I think that will be really neat. Maybe a tad boring, but interesting to me and hopefully Lola! Lol-

A big thanks to Laura for publishing a post just for me! All the information was helpful and I appreciated it very much! She has the cutest little girl, Aubrey Kay, who won't be much older than Lola. Y'all check out her blog!

I hope to get some better sleep tonight so I took a little medicine early to help knock me out.


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Becky said...

Go Kris Allen! I'm from Conway...my Dad actually goes to the watch parties. I think that is the biggest thing that town has seen in awhile and we are definately proud of him! :)