Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go ahead... call me your hero!

Okay so as I said I am in this nesting stage right before Lola's big arrival, or it's just plain insanity. I saw a great comic where a lady is at a Psychiatrist's office and she tells the psychiatrist she will talk about her obsession as soon as she is done doing what she is doing ... and she is vacuuming and dusting his office! This is so me right now! But the one thing I do not like to do is mop and dust. Everything else I can handle and pretty much enjoy. But the Swiffer Wet Jet has helped me enjoy mopping a little better and when I need a really good mop on my tile I use a different mop I have, but when I need a quick mop and when I need to mop the wood floors or bathrooms, the Swiffer is fabulous! But that's not what I got on to post about, despite it being a great inexpensive item that is a must have in your cleaning closet! I am writing to let you in on the dusting secret! BUY A SWIFFER 360 DUSTER! They are so much fun and really pick up all the dust... they are so much fun you'll find yourself dusting things you never thought about dusting before and they trap on the dust so it's not flying around as you sweep it off! If you are like me, when I used to dust my allergies were insane for the next day or two, but not now!! It works great on everything including blinds! AND... they have a Swiffer Sweeper with an attachment so you can dust fans!! It bends so you just sweep it over your fan blades! How great! You won't need to drag a heavy dinning room chair around to each room anymore! It also helps short people like me dust the top of blinds, mirrors, pictures, and other items you'll now realize you need to dust! It really seems like a great purchase and I am glad my nesting instinct urged me on to get it at the grocery store the other day. My neighborhood Wal-mart had them! Okay- and even better- go to Swiffer.com and you can print off coupons for all their items! You can have a whole great collection of Swiffer products! Big thumbs up to Swiffer! Too bad my blog fan base is a little on the cozy, smaller side or maybe Swiffer would send me their products for free, yet I don't think they'll care that little oh prego is endorsing them! Hahahaha!

Go get your Swiffer people! It will change your world, or at least your mood while you clean, and you'll think of me as your hero, probably.

:) Nat


Charlie & Ginni said...

This sounds great! I am going to have to go get one, I am excited!!

vickie said...

I also am so into the extended swifter...I have it at the lakehouse and have dusted everthing with a song in my heart. I so understand this Nat! I will print off my coupons for sure LOL! I am not sure everybody will appreciate this suggestion. Glad to know Ginni is one of us! I was at Ginni's last night and she is a neat freak too...Love it!

Debbie said...

I have been thinking I really need to dust my mini blinds. I'm headed to get a Swiffer 360!!