Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adorable Husband

Sleeping has been impossible the last few nights. It's not what you think though. I am not that uncomfortable... I am just simply wide awake! I was talking to Stace around 11:30 p.m. and she finally said, "Wow, you are wide awake right now." I guess my full of energy night personality was even showing through the phone. I don't know what the deal is. Maybe I should wake up really early tomorrow and try to get back to a schedule... but doesn't that seem pointless... trying to get on a schedule since I will have a newborn next week... my little own newborn! (smiling)

The bad thing is when I can't sleep I move to the den so I can watch TV and be up on the computer without disturbing Clay. Then around five or so in the morning I finally fall asleep on the couch. I would move to the bed, but when Clay leaves for work in the morning at 8 I always move to the couch, because I feel safer. So I might as well sleep in the den if I don't go to bed till early in the morning! And for some odd reason, I don't take as many bathroom trips when I sleep on the couch! Haha. With Clay working all day and not sleeping with him- I totally miss him right now! So tonight I told him I wanted to get in bed earlier so I can actually sleep with him tonight. He went to bed pretty early and I stayed up to iron some of his work clothes and I made him a love note for his lunch tomorrow. Around midnight I went to get into bed and have pillow talk and my hard working husband was dead asleep. Haha! It was so cute, yet I was disappointed, because I knew that meant I needed to go back to the den, unless I could do with no TV and I can't. So another night on the couch.

I am so proud of Clay right now. Today I decided to do some yard work (anything to try and get labor going, even pulling weeds!) and worked really hard for awhile. I was really proud of myself, yet when Clay came home and found me in the backyard he just couldn't believe it. Plus the work I did, created more work for Clay. He had to clean up my mess and finish what I started. BUT he did. He made the yard all pretty again! Freshly mowed for me and Lola! Then he went for a nice run. What a stud. He ate some salad for dinner, watched American Idol with me and then Lost. After that he read from his comic book, (yep, comic book) then he went to bed. He had a full day, no wonder he was asleep. I could count on my right hand how many times he has been asleep before midnight during our marriage. Maybe three. Thanks Clay for working so hard for our family. We love you.

So to the American Idol results. I called it. Yet I was shocked Matt wasn't in the bottom 3. Allison didn't deserve it. I wonder who will go home next week. Matt or Allison or a new bottom 3? I am shocked Danny hasn't been in the bottom 3. I guess I am the only one that isn't a fan of him. Well next week I will be in the hospital during American Idol. I can't believe by this time next week I will definitely be a mom! YAYAYAYAYAYA!

A big thanks to Laura, because she has been answering all my labor and delivery questions! We finally had to exchange e-mails so you guys didn't have to hear all the crazy questions and answers. We both think we could create a great website about the honesty of pregnancy, labor and delivery... the good, the bad, and the plain ugly. We both seem to be pretty straight forward about the good and the bad. We also each enjoyed our own pregnancy experiences. I think this makes for an interesting website for expecting first-time moms.

Okay well I am about to try and sleep, yet I want to make one more post about this cool website.


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