Sunday, April 26, 2009

:) The time is coming...

My last night to ever blog pregnant with Lola! It will be short and sweet. I just took Tylenol PM and Clay and I are going to watch old classic TV shows dealing with pregnancy and babies.

We also have a classic story to tell, yet I will wait to tell it till I return home from the hospital.

Please say a prayer for us and I will try and write as soon as possible to let everyone know how it went and to post a few pictures! We hope to be home Wednesday night, yet it could be Thursday.

Much love-
P.S. For the record, my husband is now officially more excited than I me. He is just beside himself. :) It's so adorable to see him so giddy!

P.S.S. Big thanks to family and friends for all the support over the last TEN months!! :)

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