Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hello. I hopefully can write what I want since Clay is feeding little Lo right now.

So I'll try not to make it too long, but play catch-up a little. It's hard to write and display all that is going on right now, because it's mostly just tons of falling more in love with Lola, and really it's indescribable. I feel pictures say it best.

Tomorrow I have my six week check up appointment for myself and am very anxious to see how everything is healing. It's a tad early, BUT I couldn't go next week because I'll be at the beach! Yaya.. the sad thing is Clay isn't going this year, but he encouraged me and Lola to go and have fun still, so we took him up on it. He'll enjoy the first few days alone I am sure, but by the end I am sure he'll be missing our kisses! We will send him tons of pictures! Lola and I appreciate all his hard work and we are proud of him with his newer job. I'll probably post about what the doctor said. The only thing is, if he doesn't okay pool water yet (which would surprise me) then I am sure I won't be going to the beach after all. So fingers crossed! I am actually super excited to see the doctor tomorrow, unlike most times (except when I was pregnant of course!)

So Lola is getting more tummy time and she seems to like it and try to do baby push-ups. I'll have to get some pictures of this. She has gotten bad about wanting to be held, but over the next two weeks I will wrong on this a lot! I want her happy if held or in her crib or swing or bouncer... you get it. I was trying to break her from sleeping with me, but that's not working. She sleeps so good with me and I give in after trying to get her asleep and it doesn't work... so she and I still snuggle away at night. At the beach, I decided there isn't a reason to take her pack-n-play since she doesn't sleep in it, so one more week of her sleeping with me, then it's no more... and I mean it. (We will see how this goes! haha) Her smiles are happening more and more often now and I am a sucker for them. I love it! She's eating a lot and even sleeping a little more, so I think she may be hitting a growth spurt. I love that I am taking pictures daily. It will be so fun to look back on!

Clay and I are definitely more old school. He enjoys his place as the main provider and going to work and coming home to no baby responsibilities and I love being at home with Lola and having 99% of the baby responsibilities. I am going to work part-time (not decided on final job yet, in process) but I just love being a mom and wife. It's what I waited for all my life and now that it's all here, I just love it. I never want it to end... Baby #2?? :)

I need to get some things organized before the big trip, but I should be able to post while there!

I am sure I'll get one more post in before we leave- enjoy the photos. For more photos check out my other blog... you should have gotten an invite... if not holla' at me!

Lola is chilling out in her pack-n-play, which we are trying to use as a bassinet at night, but that doesn't work so well.

She just loves looking at her momma!

Those are my feet and her feet! LOL! Keep in mind my feet are pretty small too!

"Good morning Mom. I had great baby dreams and now I am ready for good morning kisses!"

"Hey Nonna! Me and you are a lot alike... we both have dark hair, I have your knees, and I am not modest- I like being naked! Not things I get from my momma, must be from you!" :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Papa and me enjoyed these soooo much! What a girl! I love the one of you and her looking at each other. And how about those 'happy feet!' They are all perfect pictures.
Much love to all!

~Laura~ said...

yay! finally a post- slacker! haha, jk! The one of her waking up is cute-o! She is getting big!! :)

Nonna said...

Be glad you have hair like nonna and good luck on those knees. Nonna thinks you are perfect for sure and I love the picture of your feet and your mommy's.