Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gotta' be quick...

I need to get to bed since Lola is sleeping and may I add that she is asleep in her crib! Probably why I am not asleep because it's hard for me to go sleep in my bed because I feel like I have abandoned Lola all alone in her room. lol. I am so gay. Well if you haven't checked out my other blog you should, because there are cute pictures on it. If you are a reader of this blog then I approved you under my new blog, so if you have trouble let me know. I thought I would post the last few pictures on here so you can get a glimpse of what the second blog is like. Enjoy.

Lola and I were playing smiley games while I was trying to work from home today. Look at this adorable distraction of mine. I love, LOVE how she smiles at me... she smiles with her mouth and eyes! It seems so pure and genuine. Life doesn't get much better than these moments. I don't want to miss them for the world. I am doing some work from home right now and looking into all my options for part-time work. If any one has some suggestions, feel free to speak up. I am praying through some possibilities, but I do feel really strong about staying at home. It means a lot to me. Oh and side note: Lola's pajamas are size 6-9 months. That girl better slow down on the bottle. Lol. Scary.

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~Laura~ said...

aw, super cute-o! I just love it when they smile and they really mean it! so sweet! :)

oh, thanks for all the comments! love it! :)