Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, my mom did babysit today so I could blog, but what do you know- I didn't blog! She had Lola all evening and I never managed to get it going. I did laundry, played tennis with Clay, and spent an hour or two organizing all my photos on my computer. I have iPhoto and haven't enjoyed it, then I realized I can reorganize my photos on it, so it's much better now... but it takes a long time organizing 4,000 photos. Lol! Lola is sleeping now, hopefully for awhile, so I am going to try and catch both blogs up!

I want to post pictures of our trip and Miss. Lola. I have so many to choose from. She was excellent while we were there and everyone was so good about helping with her. She did fabulous in the car there and back. Really perfect. Despite her being so good, it was mentally exhausting for me, I guess because, I always was thinking of her and making sure she didn't get sunburned. All that thinking didn't pay off, because she did sunburned on Wednesday, but not bad at all. I felt horrible. We are unsure how it happened, yet I am sure you can guess once you see a few pictures. She didn't seem to mind and was one happy girl all week. It was really a good time. I slept better than Lola once I got home and settled. It was nice.

Lola has her two month well check-up in one week. I seriously can't believe it. I was looking through all my pictures today and it's funny seeing Clay and I first starting to become such good friends, to now. It's wonderful and God has always given me such an obvious peace with my relationship with Clay. And God has done the same with my role as a mom. I just love being a wife and mom. I seriously would have another baby today- or in ten months. Haha... don't worry y'all, my husband isn't as crazy as I am!

Here are some pictures. Well I can't actually load them yet because I am loading them on my other blog. See this is a pain in the butt.

I'll keep posting until the others load. I really hope I don't cry at Lola's appointment when she gets her shots. So silly I know. And my appointment is Monday. I had to get a follow up appointment from my six week one, because my damn stitches won't dissolve (I can say damn when my stitches have been in a month longer than they should... and for other reasons, but I'll spare you all the details of my messed up "cookie jar.") So damn, damn, damn. Hopefully the doctor has some good news and can provide a solution to all the other problems. His first solution only have made things worse over the last two weeks, so that sucks. Oh well. I am starting to run, walk, and play tennis. I figured if I am going to hurt, I might as well do something I enjoy so it's worthwhile. Did I tell y'all that I gave up sodas (no more Sonic) AND Chick-fil-A SWEET TEA! Yes, I did away with the tea too. Hey- it's helped and that's motivation. It's weird because now that I am drinking so much water, my body seems to crave it and I drink more than I use to now. And I drink less milk for some reason. Seems strange to me.

Okay, well I finished the other blog, so now I can load some pictures on this one. I need to make sure Lola is still sleeping- be back. She's good. She moved some in her bed... she's never done that before. Ha!

Lola has discovered her rattle and if you place it in her hands she can rattle it... although she occasionally whacks herself in the head! Haha

Ya- Clay arrived via plane! We didn't think he was coming and we worked it out for him to join in on Thursday night! What a treat! I missed him terribly!

Dad feeding Lola while at LuLu's! Haha!

Family Pool Time:

Lola laying out on a lounge chair. She's happy. She ate, went for a swim, then got all clean again so she could be by the poolside!

Dad and I have this same picture from when I was seven years old, so Lola will have to do this again in seven years! (This is when her face got a little too much sun)

After a fish dinner, needless to say, we three did not eat fish. Oh and it was fish that Kebby, Emily, Dad, and Nick caught. That was cool.

They were so silly and I felt so old with a baby! Wowowow!

Lola whispered to me that she loved the beach and pool, but sun is exhausting.

By the pool again. Half the time I was in the shade with Lola just so I could take pictures and stare at her. First time in my life I wasn't eager to get the best tan lines possible.

In the pool- there's another picture I like on the other blog! I'm so proud to have a baby that loves water! :)

The beach is behind us but we took the picture about ten minutes too late to see it. :(

Lola loves Uncle Nick and Aunt Kebby, but I didn't get a picture of them two together. Nonna took some cute pictures I need to get from her in a digital format so I can share those too. She has a great one of Lola and Kebby and her and Lola.

Nonna and Lola. Big Buds.

Sleeping pictures. I am a sucker for these. Emily was giving me lessons with my camera since it's a DSLR. I am not good at all yet. She was teaching me how to take a good photo without using a flash. She rarely uses hers, but I still need mine.

Okay well I am off to bed. Hopefully Lola will sleep awhile longer so I can sleep too! But it was nice of her to sleep for a couple of hours so I could finally blog! Yayaya! She was at Nonna's and Pops' (Yes, I think he decided on Pops) all night so the must have warn her out. Good for me!

Hopefully I'll post soon. Make sure you are checking out both blogs, because I don't always do the same pictures!!!

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~Laura~ said...

great pictures!! finally! looks like y'all had lots of fun!!
Aubrey has that same rattle too, haha. The pic of you two in by the pool is really cute :)

now, off to check the other blog! :)