Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cookie Jar Update

I actually have a pretty quick update, because I received this one really insightful answer when I posted my problem on a couple of different websites for readers to respond to. She told me what she thought the problem was and what the treatment was for it. So I researched some different doctors and headed to a new doctor yesterday. Most doctor offices didn't seem willing to give a second opinion, which sucked, but the one doctor I was really wanting to go to definitely thought a second opinion was good and turned out they fit me in that day! Yay!

In the office, which is by Baylor Hospital, I thought I was going to pass out being so anxious and waiting for awhile, which I didn't mind since they were working me in. When I met with the Dr. we sat down in his office for 20 minutes or so and discussed so many things. He explained more about my tear since I didn't ever get an explanation or information and even had pictures/illustrations to help me understand the problems down there! Then when he did the exam, sure enough the girl from one of the websites was right, and the pain is caused from granulation tissue. It's extremely red, has sore like places (looks like the world's worst mouth ulcers) and when rubbed it hurts like heck and bleeds. Of course any friction makes it worse including working out so I am sure I haven't helped it over the last couple of weeks. He did a treatment on it with silver nitrate which he warned me is quite painful so he numbed it first. That was extremely painful... ever had a shot in your vagina? And so I would have hate to have known what the silver nitrate would have felt like!

So here's the deal. I got two weeks to see if this worked. This is basically what he said...
1. Best case scenario: In 2 weeks, it fixes it and I am a new woman and good to go.
2. Okay scenario: It helped enough that he feels like one more treatment will finish it off and then after another two weeks I'll be good.
3. Worst case scenario: It didn't help and surgery is the next step. Not fun to think about, but at least before that we are trying something, which my doctor didn't recommend- who knows why!

Please pray that I end up with one of the first two scenarios! Come ooonnn God!!!! Do you think God laughs down on us when he sees a group of women praying for my cookie jar? I do... and maybe since we are getting chuckles out of Him then He will spare me the surgery! :) "Dear God, if I make you laugh, will you heal me?" Lol

So I am back to being sore after yesterday, but not as upset knowing I am not just sitting around waiting, which I am, but this time I am sitting around waiting with silver nitrate in me- which makes me feel like a superwoman hero! Ha!

So the new doctor, which by the way guys, is named... drum roll please... Dr. Payne. Say that aloud. Haha! So I have officially switched doctors. Let me just say that my doctor did a great job delivering a healthy baby and we managed to do it vaginally despite a stressed out little girl... but there have been enough little reasons that I feel right in switching. So the new doctor will perform the surgery if it comes to that. He also talked to me about the intimacy issues and assured me that in a timely manner he will make sure I am getting to where I really look forward to time with my husband... in bed! (I added the "in bed" part, but that's what his point was!) He said that a baby does obviously stretch things, but the brain is the number one cookie jar controller and I could still make my cookie jar to tight, especially since in my head I associate sex with pain. I was glad he prepared me for the worst case scenario of sex still being painful. BUT along with that he said that there are a lot of treatments to relax those muscles and it wouldn't be a problem to do those. WANNA KNOW WHAT HE SUGGESTED?? Sure you do... GET THIS! READY? HAHA! HERE IT GOES... Vagina Botox! Hahahaha! Yep, Botox in the cookie jar. It's suppose to relax the muscles! Haha!

Yesterday, despite the painful procedure, did give me better hope and assurance since I received the second opinion and felt good about what he had to say. I sure do hope this works.

Okay- well a couple of quick things...

I love when Joi leaves a comment on the blog- :)
And too, thanks for the personal e-mails... you know who you are... and I'll be responding soon- I wanted to get this update on here, so you could know the latest! Computer time is still limited.

One more thing- Kebby is now babysitting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for two hours. It's been great! Clay and I used it as a chance to go on a date Monday night. Also, more than anything, I just love that it gives Lola and Kebby quality time. I hope they are close through the years to come. And I hope Kebby goes to school near by, so she can remain buds with Lo'.

I'll be writing soon and I need to get busy posting pictures! AND Lola is wearing a 3-6 month outfit today! She's growing too fast!

:) Nat

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Jen Smith said...

SOOOO glad you got a 2nd opinion! Praying that this treatment works!!!