Saturday, June 27, 2009

Play Dates

I don't have tons of time to write, but maybe I will get some time before the weekend is finished... BUT I did want to share pictures from Friday's Play Date with Laura and Aubrey and even Lola's Godmother, Stace! It was great! So much fun! When you have the two cutest babies in the world, it's really hard to choose just one or two pictures to post! :) Laura got some great ones with her camera, so check out her blog for some more! I'm sure she'll have them posted soon, if not already! :)

Aubrey looks like she is telling Lola a secret. They are already buds and scheming against us Moms... we could be in trouble! :)

Apparently Aubrey had a plan up her sleeve that she was telling Lola about and by the end of the day we figured out her plan- stay awake so she didn't miss any pool time! lol! That a girl!

Aren't they cute in their hats? Both had pretty blue eyes that day...
Lola's still switch from blue to green.

Proud Moms and stupid Moms- does anyone know the temperature that day? We won't tell, but they were fine! They loved the water and the only one sunburned was... I'll give you one clue- she's the tallest of us four! :)

Aubrey loved Lola's float and we didn't mind letting her be the guinea pig, because normally it isn't always good being the guinea pig, so this time she got a great deal out of it! She was really cute in it and I feel like she could have stayed in it all day! I can't wait till Lola is big enough for it. Not much longer.

Aubrey: Hey Lola, where is your hand?
Lola: I am trying to figure that out too.

Aubrey: Oh, I found it for you.
Lola: Thanks Aubrey.

Aubrey: Hey Lola, want me to stick your paci in your mouth for ya? I know how!
(Laura has the next picture of Aubrey doing it!)

Aubrey: Hey Lola, Aubrey again. Want me to hold your hat?
Lola: Why do you want to hold my hat?
Aubrey: I don't know, but I will just hold on to it over the next few pictures.

Aren't they cute? Well I have lots more pictures from other things to share, so I need to get busy with the blog. Doctor appointment for Lola (not me) on Monday to get all her shots. Boo-hoo. I'll try and post more pictures tomorrow.

A big Happy Anniversary to my parents! Thanks for setting such an awesome example for Clay and me and now our kids. It's easy as parents to make mistakes and start a cycle you wouldn't want your kids to follow in, but you guys have done the opposite. You've set a genuine, loving example with your marriage and I hope it carries throughout every generation. Means the world. Love you guys.

And Happy Two Months Lola. You make my heart sing.



~Laura~ said...

AWWWW!! soo stinkin cute! I just love their "convos". I was laughing! They are too sweet!!
Thanks again for letting Aubrey use the float! :)

Btw, I'm super impressed- scrapping AND blogging in one day!!! :) I came home and cleaned out my room big time! very accomplished :)

also.. they ARE the cutest babies in the world! ;)

nonna said...

So enjoyed this one! Love seeing those two together. They are both so cute! Glad Aubrey is taking such good care of her bud! You both are great moms!!