Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Afters (Sorry no befores…)

So as always I forgot to take pictures of what things look like before, but it’s pretty cool to see the after, so pretend you know what the before looks like… :)

I loved this lamp! $5 Goodwill!  Can’t beat that!  It is such a good creamy white!  A wet rag to wipe clean and an instant beauty… It goes so good in my laundry room.  I heart my laundry room!!


I heart my laundry room!!


Wall color looks funny below… camera and lighting is so weird and I definitely can’t ever get it figured out!


And one of my favorite things in the whole world I am about to show you close up?  Are you ready?  First let me preface by saying I found this at a near by antique store and it was marked $18 so I had them call the dealer to see if she would take $11 instead!  I got a yes and just proves it never hurts to ask! P.S. I broke the glass and frame (frame was orange and green!!) it came in which wasn’t such a shame and it magically fit in the frame I already had hanging up to put a picture in… Here is my favorite find this week!  Seriously, what is my obsession with cross-stitch- it’s my 3rd one in life… one in Lola’s room, one in mine, and now the laundry room. Don’t yall really love it though?  I have a feeling I am getting a few heads shaking no…. my  mother says it just matters if you love it honey, so pooey on y’all.


So these frames that are pretty big because the picture alone is 11x14, were on clearance for $6!  That was so cheap and I got 3 mattes (bc I got 3 frames of course!) for $5 total!  Wow!  I painted them cream and magic.  Magic has been happening a lot lately!

And another big wow- is the 11x14 print of Lola was only… $1.50!  I found a new secret place…. COPY MAX!

Walgreens charges over $10 for one! I am super excited!  I just e-mailed them pics and they printed them on a 11x17 piece of photo paper and I was going to crop it, but he went ahead and did it for me! :) They know me by name there… 



So this is the downfall to my laundry room (besides the actual door- I HATE that door!) but I rarely notice anything above my head which is kind of a lot… but one sweet day I want to talk my Paw-Paw into hanging a mini girly chandelier instead…. think I can get him to do that?  I might have to make him dinner and a pie for this!



Okay so real quickly- my other finds….

This is a spice rack I found and love it lots… I have limited counter space and cabinets and liked this… it fit perfectly! And was already red! $8. A little more than I wanted to spend, but I like it- it has cute black and white paper in it incase anything got sticky or leaked.



I already showed this but it was only $10 and I really like it with the glass doors.  I only wiped this down with a little bleach and cut off a lip it had in the back so it would hang flush!


I went into Tuesday Morning for the first time in a long time and loved this birdie.  I love birds especially ones like this…


I pretty much love hounds tooth and have been wanting to change my mantel up for some time even though I loved the way it looked, I just hadn’t changed it in a while.  So I saw this and new it could be the new addition to the mantel… Hobby Lobby. Half off.


Little frame from antique store- love frames likes this because they look like you have had them for awhile and don’t look like they came from Target… 3 or 4 dollars.




I am real into having picture frames out right now- hope it’s not too much, but I love  all the photos of Lola!

My next Goodwill find is this great lamp, which is very heavy and was brass!  Not anymore and I put an old school lamp shade on it… I like it a lot! $8 and a mixture of spray paint!



Next lamp $8 again- I love bases like these and they are expensive elsewhere even at Homegoods.



This side table (small desk) was next to my bed and I added the marble top to it which was just sitting in the garage and I like it- thanks for the idea mom! (Side note to mom: it didn’t fit on the table you suggested but then I remembered it fit on this one so I added it to the room… big difference!)

Okay it’s late, Lola’s up, my allergies suck- so hopefully we both can now go to bed…

My new thrifty self,


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