Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Dearest Kebby

29204_1274791360079_1538790017_581350_5583328_nLola your Aunt Kebby is a one of a kind, in the best way possible.  I know you will truly enjoy her as you grow and I look forward to seeing y’all’s relationship develop into a friendship!

So my lil’ sis graduated… and I already have funny stories.  So at church they had a service that recognized the seniors and I was so excited for her… we arrive and sit down and I am already searching for Kebby in the crowd- then I spot her… she’s all decked out in her cap and gown, which I had yet to seen on her, and the tears came.  I was so embarrassed so quickly wiped them away and waved to her from a distance.  Then shortly after, they prayed for the seniors and asked family to come up, so Clay stayed behind with Lola, thank goodness… wait for it… and Nick, Mom and I went up to be with Kebby.  Oh and Dad is actually saying the prayer over all the graduating seniors.  So I hug her and am barely crying again and then as soon as Dad starts praying and I lean my head down I start crying a little harder and thanks to allergies and crying and tilting my head down- my nose starts running like crazy!  So I went to QUIETLY sniff my nose and try and dry up my face and SNORTED so FREAKING LOUD!  Then I got tickled, the kind of tickled (I am getting tickled all over again and Clay is freaking out thinking I am laughing at him) so the kind of tickled that you just can’t get out of.  People around me probably thought I was absolutely losing it bawling… and even Kebby looked at me then when she realized I was laughing uncontrollably she chimed in. We couldn’t stop and in the meantime mom is hitting us saying “your father is praying, shut up!” and Nick is saying how ridiculous I am and was embarrassed and then after several seconds (felt like hours) Nick got super tickled over it all and mom probably would have cursed at us all if we weren’t at church and if our father wasn’t praying!  Seriously people came up to us afterwards and asked if we were okay- I am not sure what is worse- to say we were actually laughing, not bawling or to pretend we were bawling.  :)  I just explained to Clay why I was laughing and he said this happened over a month ago, and I am still laughing… He definitely thinks I am crazy!

Then at graduation Nick and I stood up and yelled “You made it Kebby” when they called her name.  We weren’t suppose to, but you know are sibling love we have for each other.  We just couldn’t help ourselves… even Lola kept clapping and waving.  I really felt like Lola knew something special was taken place.  She was adorable…

For Keb’s grad gift we (nick and us) got her…

This sweet record player… even I want one.  I love how we are all into records now thanks to my sweet hubby’s passion.

So here are some pictures of Kebby and all her graduation fun:

So apparently some of my pics didn’t copy right so some can’t be made bigger.  Bummer.

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Lola kept hugging Kebby and just looking at her in awe.  She knew it was Kebby’s special day!

32053_1319200108654_1490314866_30734024_6130911_s 32053_1319200148655_1490314866_30734025_6772404_s 32053_1319200308659_1490314866_30734028_6567805_s 32053_1319200348660_1490314866_30734029_1261848_s 32053_1319200388661_1490314866_30734030_4404541_s 32053_1319200428662_1490314866_30734031_2326846_s 32053_1319200508664_1490314866_30734032_5450465_s 32053_1319211188931_1490314866_30734050_7057404_s 32053_1319200188656_1490314866_30734026_612022_s12 29204_1274792400105_1538790017_581374_5480446_n   29204_1274791360079_1538790017_581350_5583328_n28204_1267237851246_1538790017_561679_6980839_n 28204_1267237491237_1538790017_561672_2871303_n 28204_1267237571239_1538790017_561674_1707256_n 28204_1267237811245_1538790017_561678_1511764_n 28204_1267237451236_1538790017_561671_7304974_n 32053_1319199188631_1490314866_30734003_1843700_s 32053_1319199308634_1490314866_30734006_6071840_s 32053_1319199348635_1490314866_30734007_1038439_s 32053_1319199588641_1490314866_30734013_7885068_s 32053_1319199708644_1490314866_30734016_3236013_s 30503_1320800908673_1490314866_30738387_5207001_s

I have to get the pictures in a different way so I can blow them up big!  I hate tiny pictures!  :)


Kebby, we are all so proud of you and whatever decision you make about school I know you will do great and have fun.   The next several years are years to look forward to and enjoy.  Be excited and know we are all here supporting you and we got your back always!  You are one loved sister!

Love, Sis



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nonna said...

Awe that was sweet Nat! You are the cream for sure! Glad God knew right where you needed to be in this family line up......crying in front of the whole church over seeing Keb in her cap and gown! Lola ...nonna is glad you stayed with your daddy. It was bad...but I have to admit is a great memory!