Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stud Bro

So my brother has been MattNick5competing in Triathlons.  It’s quite amazing and I have been wanting some pics and still don’t have many- but here’s what I got…

I think this is so amazing and just can’t believe he is doing so much with it, so often.

He did the Alcatraz Triathlon which was pretty intimidating, but did a wonderful job considering he won the chance to do it by having his name pulled from a lottery.  And last weekend in a triathlon he placed 5th and was 20 secs from 3rd!  And he even puked while he was running!  WAY TO GO BUB!

And on a cool side note- he designed this get up he is wearing!  Isn’t it cool?  Him and his real estate buddies are tri-athletes and started a group and Powerade sponsors them among others.  I love the way it turned out!


So something we like to do when we wait for him during his run is try and pick him out from a distance… it’s so entertaining to see how much the person we pick looks like him or looks nothing like him…. here’s a few examples…



Can you spot him below?

DSC_0174 DSC_0198



And people’s ages are written on their leg and that is really fun to guess ages.  You wouldn’t believe some people’s!

Well I need to get Alcatraz pictures!!

So proud of you Bub!

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