Thursday, July 1, 2010

14 Months of Lola Lou

How is Lola already 14 months? She has quickly faded from baby to toddler.  Lola slow down!!!  As sad as it may seem, there just isn’t any time to be sad!  Every new thing she does is so cute, funny, and still shocking that we don’t have time to be sad- just laugh and keep going with the flow!  And the older she gets means that the time for a baby brother or sister is drawing closer… Clayton- closer means a few years- don’t worry… as to the rest of my readers ;)  

So I wanted to update on Lola which I was reminded by Laura’s cute post that this was due!

Lola is fascinated with…

  • Climbing over, into, and under furniture all the time!  She gets stuck in our coffee table!
  • Other toddlers and loves, LOVES Aubrey!  I seriously have to get on to her for being to lovey dovey all over Aubrey!  (Aubrey did throw a remote and beamed Lola in the face the other day, which was sad and funny- but I have been telling Aubrey to stick up for herself so Lola would back down and she finally did!  haha.) I hope to get her in a Parent’s Day Out as soon as they start up again!
  • The Chick-fil-A playground which still makes me cringe to think of all the germs…
  • Sesame Street with Elmo being the highlight! This is one of the only programs that holds her attention.
  • Being outside- she would stay out there all day long and play in her bucket of water!
  • Playing at the pool at the lake!  Has a great section for her!
  • Watches thanks to her Paw-Paw, 4-Wheeler and Sugar Cookies thanks to her Nonna, and light switches thanks to her Gram
  • Also is fascinated by cameras, phones, and remote controls

Lola can say (or sord of say…):

I love you (it actually sounds really cute!), Hi , Bottle, Dada, Momma (mom), Nonna (it’s still kind of rare), Paw-Paw, Maw-Maw, Juice, Cup, Cheerios, Duck, Bird, shoes, Please (sounds nothing like please, but it’s a good attempt and it’s consistent whatever it is she is saying!), No, Two (we say one, she says two), Cheese, Jesus, Kebby, Nick, Ba, Elmo, Tee-tee. Lately she has been babbling in little sentences but they normally make no sense and she has been singing in the car!  She has picked up on the K sound and the G sound better and better.  (Probably missing a couple of words)

Lola at 14 months:

Lola is wearing 18-24 month clothing and size 4-5 shoe. And a size 5 diaper (Huggies fans here).  She weighs right around 25 pounds. 

Her favorite thing to eat is by far Chick-fil-A nuggets (6) and a fruit cup (wonder why!! haha).  Oh and she always tries to get her hands on my sweet tea!  She knows that’s what is in my cup and loves it!

And has 12 teeth! And more seem to be on their way!

The other day after I shared my icecream cone with her she picked up the napkin off the table and wiped her own mouth!  My dad was there to witness and it was hilarious!

Some days her Daddy is her best friend and other days she really is a momma’s girl. 

She still sleeps in our bed.  I really am not frustrated about it anymore and have just grown really used to it.  At 18 months we hope to make a good transition to her big girl (toddler) bed.  She typically sleeps through the entire night and wakes up around 9 to 9:30 a.m.  Bedtime can go as early as 9 p.m. and as late as 12 p.m.  

Yes, even naps… I make my bed twice everyday!


My covers, my pillows, my mattress… Lola Lou.

005  007  009

She doesn’t cry a lot or really have lots of meltdowns… but occasionally she does and I always want to take a picture…


So I do.


And maybe another.  Haha

I am probably missing tons, but at least I have something to look back on!

Love you like crazy Lola!

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