Friday, July 9, 2010

I know the secret now!!!!!

Well I haven’t been able to completely rid Lola of her bottles because it’s the only way she will drink milk!  So we were still taking two bottles a day, one morning and one night. 

But now I can easily ditch the morning one because I figured out the secret.  At CFA Lola will drink the milk there with a straw and it was an easy way to add a little more milk to her diet and not soooo much juice or sweet tea :) So at Wal-mart I bought some cheap, but really nice cups with lids and hard straws that work great for her age and up and now I put the milk in that!  Ya!  So she is getting  milk without a bottle, except for at night.  :(  Not ready to give that up yet.



Normally she doesn’t even like her sippy cup on her tray, but I guess because it’s her big girl cup, she’s cool with it.


She takes a drink…


And puts it back!


Ya for my Lola!  Love you Lola Lou!

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Jillian Knutson said...

Lola, you're such a big girl now! And look at all that fabulous hair~its getting so long!!