Thursday, July 22, 2010

Staying at home…

So I am definitely a stay at home mom.  I work here and there and maybe one day a week out of the home, but it’s minor.  Not that the “work” I am doing doesn’t matter, it’s just in comparison to the job I have as a wife and mother, it is only minor.  It’s a small, tiny piece of the puzzle. 

Some days I think maybe I should have gone into criminal justice, law school, been that hardcore crazed investigator. 

Or really learned the art of baking and have opened a creatively-named bakery, sported a half-sleeve tattoo, and dated Clay till I was 32. 

Maybe the teacher route would have been okay.  (probably not- although I loved the kiddos) 

Or I could have even been a sex therapist and wear my hair in a high bun with a pencil through it and get some wayfarer reading glasses. Clay- did you just get a little turned on? :)  Oh crap- I know I just embarrassed him.  (I can  make that up to him later…)

Not to be conceited and it’s probably because my mom always says this, is why I so confidently believe it, but I am sure I could have done all of those things.  And it’s not wrong for those mothers who do, but for me- my heart is at home and Clay makes that possible.  Really works hard to make it possible.   

Even when my house is a wreck and there’s proof that my little glow worm baby has been in every nook and cranny of it- I still look around, a little frazzled that my house is frazzled, and still know that this is right.  Even when laundry gets piled sky high- which is probably more laziness- but at least it is clean laundry- I am glad it’s my job to put it up- maybe Lola’s job one day… :)  When I rock Lola to sleep at noon and then lay her down in bed and watch her laugh and giggle in her sleep and say Momma  Nonna because she is having sweet dreams, I know I couldn’t be anywhere else in the world- (The beach is exempt from that).

My life is pretty much how I imagined it: Husband who  may just love me unconditionally which helps balance off the messy boy still in him, a baby girl who might love me as much as I love her right now (I thought she was going to be a boy- praise the Lord He knows best!), and poor.  :)  Haha- I always said I would have tons of babies in diapers only because I couldn’t afford clothes and thanks to great grandparents-  Lola has a great wardrobe!

I really appreciate the blessings God allows us to experience on a daily basis and I really fail to give them enough recognition and thankfulness.  But know that I am very thankful- for my husband, my baby girl, our home, our families, and my job- staying at home. 


Blessed Mama said...

I think being a present mother and wife is the best job in the world. Training our children up in the Word & making our house a home is where I am meant to be as well and I am so grateful.
I also agree that you could have done any of those things if you wanted to. :)

Debbie said...

I am so proud of the choices and lifestylye y'all have chosen! You're doing great things for Lola and yourself!
Hugs & kisses