Thursday, July 29, 2010

15 Months

All about Lola Lou… 001I still smile at God when I think about how much He really listened to my prayers while I was pregnant.  I prayed for a healthy and very happy baby.  I didn’t care if she was book smart, I didn’t care if she liked to decorate or bake, and I didn’t care what color she would want her hair one day- I just wanted her to be a naturally happy and positive baby and one day woman.  And everywhere I go everyone says “Is she always this happy?” and I smile and of course say “Yes.”  She is learning how to throw fits now and lots of grunting when she can’t communicate effectively with us and does get grumpy when she is tired or hungry just like her momma, yet her spirit is so fun, energized, and indeed happy. 

Thank you Jesus for putting happiness in her heart and in return making everyone around her happier, especially me and her daddy.

I do believe, and I am sure everyone experiences it, that some people are just naturally happier than others.  I would like to hope I fall somewhere in the middle, but Lola falls way on the happy side of the spectrum.  And I tend to worry here and there, yet Nonna hardly worries at all, so I hope Lola learns not to be a worrier as well.  God tells us not to worry.  I have a feeling she won’t be a worrier.  She’ll be a optimist, a dare devil, a friend maker, a bit of a tom boy, and a loud little thing…  and I am sure I just keep loving her a bit more and more each day.

We just had our 15 month appointment and she got her shots despite having a fever when we arrived, which the last two days she has been pretty sick.  Sick enough I ended up spending $40 on a thermometer.  I know, I about had a heart attack too.  Ugh.  But it works good and fast and that’s what I needed.   She finally seems better today.   Her weight is somewhere between 25 and 26 pounds.  We couldn’t get a great weight because she was bawling on the scale trying to get around the nurse to get to me.  This whole separation anxiety can really be to the extreme sometimes… which it might have been worse because she was sick- was actually I am sure of it, but when she gets upset, so do I.  I know, silly- but I don’t like her being upset especially when I know I can make her happy.   Her height was…. oh, maybe 33 inches?  I can’t remember now, but 100% on her height.  Doctor thinks she will be a tall one… I secretly hope not.  She is napping in her bed during the days and still sleeping with us.  I think in the next month or two she will be ready to start sleeping in her room at night in her toddler bed… fingers crossed. 

Her vocabulary is huge.  Everyday I seem to hear a new word.  Now when we put her in her car seat she grabs the straps and says “buckle, buckle.”   And she is getting better and better and attempting to say words even if it comes out all wrong. 

The other day she did the cutest and surprising thing yet- It was about to pour and thunderstorms were moving in… Lola was in her room just playing with her little kitchen and it thundered really hard and Lola came sprinting down the hallway and I just heard her little feet hitting the floor so hard and fast and she ran straight into my arms with this frightened little face.  It was adorable and funny seeing her get scared of something.  So we talked about the rain and thunder and stood at the glass door and looked at the trees blowing… from then on out the thunder didn’t scare her and whenever she heard it thunder she would look at me and say “thunder” and nod her head like it was okay because she knew what it was.  Where did my baby go?

A little personal, but just a true confession… I thought I would have baby fever by now.  But I am really loving this stage.  I know my dad is kind of surprised because I have always been ready for the “next” stage even when I was just a little girl.  But then again he knew I always just wanted to get to this stage… and here I am and it’s all I thought it was cracked up to be.  The hard work we are putting into our marriage, Lola, and home feels good and rewarding.  I think I will always look back and cherish this time.  Clay and I seem to have gone through a lot of changes in the past 3-4 years and it just feels good where we are.  I know God will strike baby fever upon me when it’s just the right time for all of us… and Clay admits there will be no stopping me! :)  And Lola will definitely be an amazing big sister and I know she will love having a playmate.   

Back to Lola… I just love her so much.  One thing that I so enjoy watching is how she loves of her daddy when he comes home from work.  Some days she seems to cares less, but then there are those days you couldn’t pry her loose from his side.  She says his name so sweetly and over and over and just climbs, pulls, and loves on him.  I love it and I know Clay loves it too.  It’s a fun thing to come home too.   I will be sad one day when she becomes all about daddy, but then again- I know what it means to be a daddy’s girl- so I’ll so appreciate it too. 

Okay, here are some pictures.  I guess this was a bit more of a journal entry which I have to have some like this because it’s just in my nature to journal.

Lola has learned to pick her nose and she does it all the time and loves showing strangers her new talent… so embarrassing… She will just sit in a buggy or her stroller with her finger shoved up her nose and just laugh and laugh…


Lola loves climbing the stairs to her Aunt Kebby’s room so she can play dress up!


Kebby is officially going to Blinn and has a great roommate and we are all really excited for her! 


So of course Lola and I had to make a trip to check out the school and town for ourselves.  We loved it, but won’t be traveling again any time soon.  Traveling with a 14 month old is not fun.


Moving on to playdates:

I have given up certain things for awhile like my favorite restaurant, so we have to find play dates doing something besides eating… so that leaves shopping!!  Our girls were super into each other this day and Aubrey would cry when she couldn’t see Lola so we left them parked in front of each other so they could talk. :) 


See?  Wasn’t lying.


I splurged.  I spent $20 on Elmo Pajamas (two for twenty) .  I thought it would be a fun surprise for Lola at bedtime and I thought it was a cute way to incorporate Elmo apparel without having to buy a Elmo shirt.  Plus, they are kind of cute for Elmo.  And Lola does love them.


I was trying to take a picture of Lola and me and she leaned over and gave me a fat kiss… Sometimes she makes me feel so loved.



Look at that face…


Still takes over our bed :(


Next Elmo pajamas… sometimes she’ll be playing and see Elmo on her pjs and stop what she is doing and try to pick him off of her pants… haha. In this picture she was bringing her pot and forks in the den to make Clay something to eat.  She is pretty good at pretending.

108 (2) 113 117 124

121  135

She definitely is a Chick-fil-A girl.  Good thing we have “connections” or we would be broke.  Haha

She loves the cows.

004 005


And I thought this was really funny!  I think it’s funny how I couldn’t do what Clay does and he couldn’t do what I do…  :)  But either way- we both adore Lola.  Happy 15 months Miss. Lola Lou



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