Thursday, July 1, 2010

Long overdue people-

So we took a girl’s trip to the lake awhile back ago and it consisted of my fabulous friend Laura, her fabulous daughter and my fabulous daughter!  Needless to say we had fun and the pool and East Texas garage sales had to be the highlight… oh, and that special drink from OG.  Yum… yum again.

Here’s pictures which may sum up the trip! :) Laura’s post was really way better than mine… check it.

We are off after a quick delay in trip to feed the girls!



Uh-oh- not looking so good… crap.


Close call- happy girls again.  Lola won car points though!

  220 228

Of course we had to bring our ABC book- destressing at night and reading…


Waking up the next morning- Lola is not pretending- this is how she was sleeping on me all night…. I look worse than when I gave birth! 039


DSC_0072 (2)

Lola remembered Aubrey was still there when she heard Aubrey running around saying “Lola? Lola?” 

 043 045

The don’t always bicker!  But kissing on the lips is a little strange…


Well Aubrey had enough already… could be along day…Notice Lola’s face?  She was a bit confused- I think she thought she was suppose to cry about something too.


So she did.


Warming up again???



Now off to antique stores!!  (I couldn’t imagine twins!)

I think Aubrey won Antique store points, but Lola won garage selling points.  Lola’s up by one.

060 061

They were talking about us here… and saying none other than they loved us so much for taking them to the lake!


Back home for a little toy car action…


And some other kind of action- they are so silly sometimes!

 244 246  257

Lola got a bath in the sink and really loved it.  I wish I had a sink like this!  Maybe one day!



They both totally get pool points… Lola still up by one…

080  099

270  126 129

281  329

I know, pretty rare.  A picture of us two! :)  134 135

287 303 297302  


Aren’t they cute in matching cover ups!?

142 146

A little running around before dinner!  Aubrey got dinner points- tied ballgame…


I loved how sweetly she was looking at me…





Trip home was a bit long, but well worth it!  We had lots of fun and the girls did wonderful!  This will have to be an annual summer thing… next summer might be even easier with the girls a tad older! :)  Notice no tans- impossible with babies… Lola had SPF 55 and got tanner than me!

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~Laura~ said...

whoo hoo! finally! :)
I'm going to need some copies of your pics.. they're just so darn cute!
Ok, thanks.