Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July Madness!

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This is a picture of fireworks.  Nick.  Nick in the fireworks.  They were daring him to do that and by they I mean Kebby and me and Mom was threatening him if he did so.  Double-dog-dare still works- even on 27 year old men boys.  When he went I just happened to throw my camera up and snapped this crazy picture!  It definitely gets picture of the weekend! :)

The 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays and for years now we have always had a party down at the lake to celebrate… this year we did the same- just pushed back one day due to the rainy weather.  The 4th ended up being beautiful and the perfect day for our annual bash. 

Lola was a perfect little one all weekend and did great on the 4th!  A lot was going on and she just fit right in!  Luckily I have the sweetest husband in the world and he drove Lola, Stace, and me around so Lola could sleep and Stacy and I could hit up antique stores!  Stacy got some great stuff, I bought something small, and Lola got her nap in which was critical!  She was amazing all day and weekend and only started to break down during the fireworks, so as soon as they died down, we showered, read Ba’s chapter books in the back room until everyone left, and then grabbed a bottle, and crashed!  Haha- the both of us!  Then she woke up at 7:20 a.m.!!!  What??? :)

PICTURE TIME!!! Prepare yourself… LOADS of pictures!


My Mom always makes everything look so festive, no matter the occasion!  Even Clay got into the decorations this time! :)We all LOVE it! It seemed Lola really knew something fun was going to go down! Hehe.  Holidays decorations really are a big deal… I think it helps create memories, puts love into things, and makes everything a tad more special!  When we go to estate sales, sometimes people have had booths or stores and so people have tons of holiday decor…. well people are going to think my mom had a booth…. nope- just a person who put special touches all year round! :)


Lola loved her flags and kept wanting to carry them everywhere!




Mom had a HUGE Nonna moment and I loved every minute of it!  She made 4th of July Cupcakes (Yum too!) and just for Lola Lou put Elmo on them!!  Uncle Elmo!! Haha!  Lola got a huge kick out of it and certainly didn’t mind eating Elmo!

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I seriously love these sugar cookies more and more every time she makes them… although I will admit I could dip the entire cookie in icing… thanks for the extra 5 pounds cookies.



Okay only some pics have comments and they are in such a random order…

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Lola LOVED jumping on the mattress with Kebby… and ever since she tries to jump on everything!  Kebby helped her learn how to bend her knees and get a little spring in her step.

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Poor Nick just hasn’t won her over yet… he sees her enough she clearly knows who he is… only girl besides Leah Taylor to not like Nick.  Haha!

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From our quick First Monday trip: Rox and Christin had never been!  Mom kept calling them First Monday Virgins to all the vendors… so embarrassing. 

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One of Lola’s favorite things now is this darn golf cart, which she can say oddly enough and begs to ride it at the garage door… between all of us she probably got on it 25 times! 

362 371

Lola wanting outside!  She knew if she wanted to go down to the dock to grab her life jacket at the door and it was so cute!


My sexy husband :)


So Lola was super proud of her bathing suit and cover up and it when she came out of our room she went straight to her daddy to show him.  Awe- melt my heart.

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I asked Ernie if we could take his ice chest home because apparently it’s better than even Elmo.  Lola played and played with this chest and all the ice… luckily it was just to keep drinks cold because she probably licked every cube in there. 

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Dock time!  I wasn’t as nervous as I thought and only my mom, Clay, or me took her to the dock and Ba made the rule and we second it that she can’t go to the dock until she has her life jacket on.  I love that rule.  It did cover up her cute bathing suit, but the price you pay to keep your baby safe. 

429 431

We would chill in our room every once in awhile to recoup.  I brought several of her toys and she would just play so good.  We actually stole Nick’s room since our room has double doors out to the back porch which equals a little noisy- his room was much quieter. 


So this is the big Corn Hole Tournament.  I know- sounds weird- but lots of fun and somehow Stacy went pretty far in the bracket.

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I seriously love the determination on her face.  :)


432   337 

I loved her barely-there-pony-tail! And red sunglasses!

338 339 340

Lola tries so hard to say Stacy and Stacy won her over this weekend with all her Bible songs… Lola still loves them and Stacy even taught me some new ones! 


I love this picture of Clay.


Just got in from their Honeymoon and straight to the lake!

198 188

Same look…

183 179

FROM 2oo9: Lola fell asleep when Nick danced with her- not quite the same reaction this year.


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In the cabana and she discovered the air condition on the wall- she loved it and we all were in need of some cold air on us!

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Lola is playing “Peek-a-boo” in this picture… so cute.

261 263 265 266

That is all sweat… I couldn’t wait for us both to get cleaned up!

267 275

Emily tried to teach me some new tricks with my camera and I was learning how to catch this shot with sparklers.  They were trying to spell “Hell Ya”


I finally gave in and let her swim in lake water.  No surprise- she loved it!

120 124 130 133 136

Momma (me): Why the sad look Lola?

Lola:  I really want to ride the one that actually goes.

Momma: But you are just too little this summer Lola.

Lola: That’s not what my Nonna said.

Momma: Nonna is wrong.  :)


These pictures were shot at 8 am when we were the only 3 up… we finally let Lola sit on the parked jet skit and she so badly wanted it to go but her Momma is mean and said “NO WAY!”

310 317


I actually got one! :)  Isn’t that awesome?!


On our way home- Lola has slept great ever since that trip!



Thanks to everyone, especially mom for making the 4th so much fun.  Everyone seems to really enjoy themselves including the little Swartz family of 3.


Jenn said...

I am so in love with your family. Please adopt me! :) You have some precious pics with Lola and Clay. Love that she loves her daddy so much. So sweet!

Ginni said...

I love it all!! The decorations, Lola's bathing suit, coverup and red sunglasses, the corn hole tournament!! It looked like yall had fun, we are sad we missed it this year :(

Nonna said...

What a great time with family and friends! Lola....we will ride the sea doo soon! Great pictures JoJo!

roxrae5679 said...

GREAT BLOG! It is super cute and really illustrates how much fun we really had! Big thank yous to the Swartz' and Clarks for letting me be a part of yall lives! <3 you and my Sweet Lola Lou!

Jillian Knutson said...

Aww great pictures! You are so blessed!