Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lola and Roxy

Sounds like a store name, but it’s not!  Roxy is Lori’s baby girl, who is 10 months old and so super cute.  She has the cutest cheeks and eyelashes that movie stars dream of.  True.  They hung out at our house for awhile tonight!

Lola was pretty gentle for Lola, so I was so proud of her!  It’s always fun having babies over!  Hopefully Roxy will be walking soon so they can play a little better together!  Roxy finally warmed up to Lola and they did have a little fun! :) (I think I use too many exclamation marks… has anyone ever noticed this?)  

When Lola would get in Roxy’s face, Roxy would barely start to cry and Lola would look like “What did I do now?”  Oh Lola, you are going to be abrasive just like your mother… not good child, not good.


They found a common ground- books!


Kind of funny because  back in the day, in the ol’ CFA office, we talked about this moment and it’s here people, it is here! We are moms! :)  


Lola got a little jealous when I took Roxy when she walked in and Lola became extra lovey.  Got to admit- I love the extra hugs and kisses!

It’s 9:42 p.m. and Lola is sound asleep in bed and my TV is broken and so I am blogging again.  Bout to go do some CFA work.  Maybe.

And on the TV note- it’s 2 to 2.5 years old.  Samsung- flat screen- the big, pretty nice TV that WILL NOT turn on!  So much for nice.  After months of hassling Samsung, I finally won (I consider it a huge win!) and they have agreed to fix it free and a repair man should be making his way over to our house soon!  We are excited because a new TV was not showing up in our crystal ball anytime soon.  Did I mention we are embarrassingly TV type people?  It’s true.  What would I do without a week of David in Miami, Chris L, the guy with the big d***, and Herb keeping things fresh…aka Color Splash: Miami, The Bachelorette, Hung, and Next Food Network Star… to name a few. 

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~Laura~ said...

Love Lola's hair in the fist pic!! And, she looks sooo big next to Roxy!
Super cutie girls :)