Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is anyone on my side?

I am a sucker now for the cheesy, somehow addicting Bachelor/Bachelorette.  And this past episode had the Jake/Vienna interview to try and explain their crazy, not-surprising break-up. 

And apparently I am the only person so far teaming up with Vienna (that I personally know).  Although she certainly has flaws, I think she is pretty aware of them- and her complaints with Jake were only validated when he did speak to her during the interview- like a child- Check. Yells- check.  Has anger issues- Check.  I have thought all alone Jake is a sketchy-nerd.  I bet he would have taken the story to mags and good for her for beating him to it and making 90k.  Haha… I love it!  And I loved how he talked about he has a job- “I’m a pilot” he says with pride only to be shot down that he hasn’t flown in a year. 

I get how you could choose not to take a side- but how could you possibly side with Jake now?  I mean- wasn’t the show enough to show he’s single for a reason people!     


Anonymous said...

I also completely side with Vienna! I wasn't her biggest fan when she was on The Bachelor, but still, he treated her horribly in that 60 minute show last night!

Casey & Lauren Coats said...

I have to admit when they first started the interview I was siding with Jake in my mind, and as it progressed I felt like he was such a jerk to her! I felt horrible for her. Yes, she is probably pretty annoying, but he picked her and now he is disrespecting her. He seemed to have traditional gender role control issues….wanted her to be quiet, never "undermine" his authority, etc. I'm fine with submitting to your husband, but they aren't married and he is a jerk! If he can be that rude on national television, just imagine how he must be when they are alone!!