Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Before and After and Lola Stuff of course…

This built in little hutch is pretty nice to have especially considering my kitchen is the size of a lot of people’s closets, so any extra storage is great. 

A few things to note: The chalkboard doors where a genius solution to a cheap free way to fix the doors.  The lady before me had the doors off and only one of the doors had glass (which was yellow).  To replace the glass was over $300.  I bought some cheap wood (or form of) and cut it with my jig saw and primed and painted and then added it in all for like $10!  And it’s been a huge hit!  

Second thing to note is, it’s pretty much my pantry.  I have a small pantry that has a pretty glass door on it and my microwave and toaster are on the shelves along with cereal and snacks.  So needed more pantry space… :)

And the space where the jars are placed, is kind of awkward.  Not quite tall enough for most decor type things and the jars are just awfully convenient.  But boring. Hence the Before:


And after! I painted the letters spicy mustard, which I may change but wanted something different, but love the over sized numbers.  I looked into the vinyl stick ons, but this seemed a lot cheaper ($5) and required less patients.  I think they make the cheaper jars look better too!




So Gaps big sale was AMAZING!  Got Lola some ridiculously cheap things like these $3 jeans she wouldn’t take off!  One of my favorite things about Lola right now is she knows when she hasn’t something new on and likes to show it off!  Jeans are a little big but should be great for fall and are super comfy.  I wanted a pair!


Cropped which bring me to the point that I am highly considering going private again so may be asking for e-mail addresses of readers who would like to keep reading.  I get some weirdo comments and don’t like knowing who’s actually looking at this baby-filled picture blog.


Little baby steps: Lola took a nap in her toddler bed!


Productive week: Got Lola’s clothes, toys, and all baby stuff organized! Yaya!  Maybe this weekend we can clear out the garage and get it good and organized too!  Just need to have a garage sale! :)


7 Tubs full of things and lots and lots of new stuff to add to a garage sale! :) I guess I’ll give in and have one more.



Love labels- even handwritten ones!



So Lola is going to need some big girl fall and winter clothes for sure.  Not much to safe from last winter…

I am selling Lola’s clothes I didn’t save so if anyone is interested, holla’!  I had so many there was no way to justify saving it ALL! 

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


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