Saturday, April 16, 2011

It’s our party and we loved it!

We had our birthday celebration at Nonna’s Friday night and it was so much fun.  The family always knows how to have a good time.  We are just goofy.

Lola and I getting ready to walk out the door.  My nice camera was dead and look at the point and click picture.  What is going on?  I charged my other battery pronto upon arriving to mom’s.


Didn’t know this was a full body shot taken by my good friend Laura (see below) and you can see me standing on my tippy toes. But still gotta’ love family pictures.


Laura and I in a stripy (stripey?) mood. My poor Arkansas education.


Notice anything funny in the picture below?


Right above Kebby’s head my crazy daughter is being crazy.  Hehehe.

I missed taking a picture of the adorable table runners Mom made us but they were so cute and personalized.  Maybe she took a picture I can add in later because y’all will love it.

Chocolate cake for Keb and cupcakes for me!

DSC_0004   DSC_0008





Sweet “Emmie” and Aunt Kebby and now Paige! Yay for 3 sweet girls and great friends to Kebby!  As my new cross-stitch says “A friend is one who always is.”


Nick photo bombed this one.  Is that the right term?


Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw!


Nonna and Ba formely known as my parents.


Opening gift time…. Kebby goes first.

Here Kebby is showing off the card I made bought her.  I normally won’t spend much on a card but she loved it and it was loveable.  :)  Gotta’ love great cards.


I bought Kebby “cute little bras.”


Nonna and Lola having fun watching Aunt Kebby open gifts!


Cute Kebby!  I want a pair… oh wait…


Thanks Mom! (I think Clay may be digging those in the background there!)


Dad and Nick being… well boys.


Lola staring at the deliciously looking cupcake…


Lola going for the delicious cupcake…


I think she takes after her momma and is a BIG fan of cupcakes!


Back to Kebby opening this super cute vintage-feminine cross-stitch Maw-Maw gave her!  Looks just like Kebby!  Love!


Back to Lola- hiding in the corner with another cupcake. 


My turn… Kebby got me great gifts including fingernail polishes, backyard flowers, a pillow I wanted, burt’s bees lipstick and a sweet card.  What a great sis.  Thanks!

DSC_0056 DSC_0057

Lola’s becoming increasingly uninterested and wants Maw-Maw to “gock-gock” (rock-rock). 


Mom and Nick laughing.


Had some fun with this wooden stick (ruler) Laura bought me.  I think I said “I didn’t know it would get this big” and Mom and I couldn’t hold back the inappropriate laughter!


And I got this cute oh double timer from Laura!  Love it!

DSC_0066 DSC_0069 


Mom and Dad got me something I have been really wanting- see the excitement in my face?


Boom! This beautiful gold and silver knotted ring… and Nick stated it was a purity ring and apologized to Clay… hehehe.  It’s actually the opposite- see the two tangled together… it’s a sex ring.  :)


Thanks Mom!!!  I LOVE it!!!!


Nick and I seem to be on opposite timing…


Moving the party to the back porch… my sweetie pie husband.


And my super worrisome brother.  Why does he always want to try on our clothes?  He actually squeezed into Kebby’s new overalls.

DSC_0109 DSC_0110 

Now what I am doing?  Running in place giving an illustration of what I can now do at home with my amazing treadmill my husband got me…. and happily put it together Thursday night so I could wake up and run on my birthday.  I am so thankful.  I just love it.  I think I got the best one for the best buck.  :)


So as the night was coming to an end- Clay and I thought it would be super nice to ask Nonna if Lola can crash at her place and this was her response…


Ha! Just kidding. She said “Of course” and it was nice to have a night off.  I have been sleeping terribly (way worse than normal) and just needed one nights rest to catch up.  Laura and Clay had a grand ole’ time making fun of me since this makes the 3rd (maybe 4th) night away from her in 2 years… as good as it feels, it also feels strange and I don’t like the strangeness.  It was a wonderful night and great morning and great weekend so far.  Very blessed- can’t argue that.

Thanks to everyone for making it a great birthday and especially to mom for the amazing birthday dinner and party and hanging on to Lola.  Muah!


ronda said...

give me that cross stitch!!! ;)

had a great time at the birthday bash! love ya bff! :)

~Laura~ said...

pretty sure i was signed in as my mom... oops. its me- laura!!! :)

mom said...

What a fun time!!! I hope you enjoy the sex ring!!!