Friday, April 15, 2011

Crafty Room inside a Crafty Room

So this room has been a work in progress and I just love the outcome.  I have tried to make it as user friendly as possible yet still maintaining some integrity as a guest room for Nick and Kebby.  It’s been a guest room since we moved it about 3 years ago, but it’s the bigger room of the 3 so I thought it would be best to keep it a guest room and add my craft/sewing supplies so the remaining room could be a nursery in due time. 

It has a little bit of a funny layout.

The yellow lines are doors and the pink lines are windows.  The longer window on the right is up high.layout

Here’s the final look for awhile.  I really love it. 


Sewing area.



So this is the new exciting part that was a great little project that didn’t cost next to nothing and gave me a lot more use out of the space.

I turned one of the two closets into a crafting closet… the desk height shelf is deeper than the others and added curtains so I could close it off.  I think this is a great work space because of the ease of getting to everything and being able to use it.  Where this closet is placed there’s really no focus on it as you enter the room so if I am in the middle of a project it still stays under the radar and the room looks nice.  My Paw-Paw added shelves to another closet so I just followed what he did and had everything I needed on hand except for shelves.  I just bought a super long fake wood shelf at Lowes and had them cut it for me so when I came home it was all ready to slip in.  (That’s one dirty sentence. Sorry.)


This closet was the only thing left in the whole house that hasn’t been painted since we moved it so of course I painted it!




Here’s a close up of the wood.  The long piece was $10 and made two shelves so $20 total for 4 pieces.  I thought this one would provide a clean finished look and I believe it does.


Lola was a crazy girl while I finished up the project. She just likes to play right where I am.  :)  I’ll miss that someday. 


This is an old, and I do mean very old, box that my mom got me on a crazy trip she went on.  Isn’t it amazing?  It folds up to make one normal looking box. 



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