Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clearance at it’s very, very best-

So was at Lowe’s for the 4th time this week and decided to hit up all the clearance sections to see if I could discover something new and cheap… and then passed by the carpets (at this point I am sure you have figured out I did not have Lola with me) and thought I would see if there were any good rugs on clearance… YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS- a pretty good looking outdoor rug that is roughly 8x10 regularly $123. 

Want to know what the clearance price was??? 

Are you ready? 



No lie. 

Didn’t need it but found a buggie in about two seconds fearing someone would realize this amazing deal I had found.  I knew when I went to check out that it would have been some mistake- nope.  Who knows- but I took advantage!  Might swap mine out- but either way I’ll have one rug on Craigslist soon.

Amazing.  And think, all I needed was one masonry nail.  By the way- that was more than my rug.  Had to buy a box.  Grrr.

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Casey & Lauren Coats said...

Hey! I have been looking for an outdoor rug! Send me a picture of whichever one you are wanting to sell :)