Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sibling Night

Sibling Night has been so much fun!  It’s really helped me cook more and better!  I love it!  And now our patio is looking great so dinners have moved outside! Thank goodness to Kebby being home this summer so she can now join in on them!!

Can’t have a meal without macaroni for Lola and me!



This microwave steamer is great!


This salad is a hit for sure!  It’s these glazed pecans or something I put in them!


Kebby’s favorite icing:




Yours Truly said...

All my faves...the salad and the rainbow chip icing! I need a steamer, I did not even know that microwave steamers existed! Where did you get it?

Natalie said...

I spammed you awhile back thinking you were spam because I couldn't figure out how to tell who "Yours truly" was! Bauhahahaha! Sorry! Crack me up- the steamer was a Christmas gift from Debbie! I'll have to ask her where she got it! I love it!