Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks Nonna!


Lola hadn’t seen her Nonna in ages which remind me not to let that happen again, because it creates this overboard reaction from both of them! Haha!  Mom showed up in her Elmo shirt and Lola kept saying “Nonnaaaa, Elmoooo.”  Really funny story though- I was rocking Lola tonight and she was falling asleep then waking up and falling asleep then waking up and during one of her little waking up moments, she sat up and said “Nonna, Elmoooo” and then laid back down and went right back to sleep!  Haha! 

Lola had a busy day to say the least because this morning we went to meet her school teachers to see if we definitely wanted to enroll her one day a week.  I know it seems like it’s not a big deal considering it is just one day a week- but people, you know me by now, and I just go so back and forth about it.  But anyways we were definitely impressed, then off to Nonna’s for awhile.  I got to go shopping with my Gap gift card from Clay’s parents, some cash for clothes for Lola from Nonna, and then I remembered I had a massage gift card I decided to cash in and got a pedicure with Laura… talk about a day to make momma happy or what!  Wonderful!  Thanks Nonna for playing with Lola today so I could have some me time!   Then I got Lola back and kept her busy so she wouldn’t crash too early, then she didn’t end up going to bed till late… oh my.  Oh and my fabric from finally came in today!  Another bonus!

Well now I am off to bed… super tired from my great day.  :)  What a problem to have.

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