Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pizza Play Date

Does this picture sum up our play date?


No!  It was fun, despite all the “off” faces in the pictures! Enjoy!

(So Laura and Aubrey came over to our house last night instead of our usual CFA play date.  We let the girls play in the water and then eat some yummy pizza!  The girls seem to have fun, although they were both enjoying some alone time too.  At one point Lola just went over to the bucket of water and chilled by herself in it!  After a good bath they got to play some more inside!  Although we lucked out with the weather cooling down- all week may be a great time to enjoy some outdoor time!) Pictures are pretty funny:

Lola was in a bazaar mood and kept making all these concerned and sometimes mad little faces…

058 062 063




Carefully notice what Aubrey is doing here and Lola’s reaction!!! :)


How they both got in here I will never know!


Aubrey is growing extra hands behind her!


Lola keeping to herself- she reminds me of her daddy here!

099 101

103 110

Well I forgot to take pictures of them all clean- as cute as they look in their bathing suits all muddy- nothing beats a clean, good smelling baby!  Great girl night!

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