Saturday, August 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Part 1 Bedroom Tours

So our home has 4 bedrooms plus a 5th room that isn’t a bedroom but could be so many things- so it’s a lot of space for just the three of us-but somehow I manage to fill every inch of it.  Our house isn’t big, just has a good floor plan and little kitchen!  Lola is in the smallest bedroom and I just can’t decide if I will leave her in it when we have another baby or move her.  She could go to a bigger room, but she doesn’t really need to… Her stuff fits amazingly well in that little space.   I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it…

Just a side note, but an important one: whether your rich or dirt poor or somewhere in the middle- clean or messy- good at decorating or not- it’s important to make your house a home.  Now what makes your house homey to you may look different to someone else- but take the time to do it.  You won’t regret it and your family will appreciate it.  

Okay back to my bedrooms:

1. First bedroom: Guest/Craft/Sew Room.   It’s kind of funny because I normally take my sewing machine out of the room to sew and scrapbooking hasn’t fit into the schedule in the last year and a half.  But it’s super nice to have a place for it all.  This room could very likely be the next baby room.  Or not. 

This room is as tiny as it looks, which I never mind a small bedroom.  I like them that away.  Most of my friends liked the bed turned as a daybed under the window, but I just love twin beds coming out from the wall like this and liked the little cozy floor space it created.  The bed was an estate sale find and I have another matching one in the garage.  I sprayed them white.  The desk is one of my favs and I have had it since High School- but I added the shirt to it.  6 yards of fabric=free!  The lady at the fabric store I went to only charged me for the elastic I bought and since they are typically so unhelpful there, I left feeling like I finally had a great experience!  Haha- never got convicted over that one.  Sheers came from our room, lamp from Habitat- and everything else I had.  Oh- my mom had the green rug next to her back door to take back and I asked if I could just see if it looked good at my house before she did- score!  Free rug! :)


This is the dresser Clay’s parents gave us that sat in our garage way to long.  I finally deglossed it, primed it, and painted it this vintage green color.  Looks a little off in the pictures, but I love it!  It’s such a great dresser! And free!  I had all the paint on hand!  That color is the same color in Lola’s bathroom!

007 010

Here is the skirted desk.  And a sneak peek into my stuffed closet full of scrapbook and art supplies and of course fabric.

016 017

Bedroom #2.  This has always been the room Kebby and Nick crash in when they come.  I added the green sheers (had on hand) and the big new item is the armoire I bought on Craigslist.  I painted it cream, sanded down the edges and it ended up in this room.  It was much bigger than I anticipated, so it didn’t make it in our bedroom where I thought it would be.  I do love the coziness of armoires and think they are underrated.  I have it back on craigslist and had the chance to double my money on it, but I just love it in here.   The rug is awesome too and was a Homegoods find.  It feels so good on your feet because it’s extra plush.   I have a hard time spending  money on guest rooms because we don’t have guest except siblings over… but I think it turned out great anyhow. 

020 023

Here is the before and after: I need new knobs on the armoire- so disregard what’s there!  Waiting on Hobby Lobby’s knobs to go half price.

010 026


3rd Bedroom: Lola’s!!!  Put together with more love than I knew existed!  I think I may put crown molding in her room because the walls and ceilings are so heavily textured it’s my only way to be able to paint the ceiling a lighter color and it look good. 

Her room has already transitioned to a “big girl room” once we gave up all hope on the crib.  I just love her kitchen and she has really gotten into playing with it lately.  She makes her guests sit in the chair while she prepares something yummy to eat.  Haha- we’ve asked grandparents to help stock her kitchen with play foods and such… So fun.  I really want to sew some.  Have you guys seen that?  So adorable. 


Big girl bed with my favorite thing in her room, her cross stitch hanging over it.  The colors couldn’t have been more perfect for her little room.  The rug from Homegoods was me going out on a limb and one of the first things I got for her room.  I love it a lot because it isn’t typical baby room rug.


This desk looks so cute with it’s wooden chair (unpainted and absent in picture).  My Paw-Paw bought this at an estate sale and fixed it up!  Love it.  Can’t wait till I can actually store crayons and coloring books in it and trust that she only color her pages.  :) 


This is her play house/kitchen.  She has taken a sudden and strong interest in this kitchen lately and makes all her guests sit down while she bakes.  Looks like play foods and pots and pans are the new toys. 


Fourth bedroom: Ours! I always envy houses that have that real cozy, eclectic look  and you wonder if the people are really as cool as their house.  I know more match-y, modern frames are in- but I just love the grouping of the random ones.  And everything on the wall has importance.  The middle top one is fabric with a tiny piece of paper that says “You should say yes” sewn on the fabric- which was the fortune inside my fortune cookie over 3 years ago when Clay asked me to marry him!  Love that!  Most of the frames were bought in a set off Craigslist from a sweet old lady. 


Side table was $20 off craigslist and has been everywhere in the house.  I love it.  The lamp was a dollar at a garage sale and I painted in black. The hand and sign has meaning as well… And of course how romantic is a record player in the bedroom.   People who grew up with these may not think so, but we do :)  Clay has a pretty cool one in his record room, so this one retired itself next to our bed.


These chairs were garage sale chairs Rocky got and I so ended up with them.  Painted them black.  Added a board to hold the seat in good and have recovered them…oh… twenty times?  I love them.


This gigantic and heavy mirror= $100!  I know- 90% clearance mark down. Seriously?  That was the luckiest day of my life.  I looked everywhere for a large mirror and had no luck- so off to the little girls room I went and what do you know-  this was back there hiding marked down.  I should have bought the second one and sold it for a lot more!


The TV got hidden on the side wall which made me happy since the armoire didn’t fit.  It use to be where the mirror is now.


Oh pack-n-play- why must we still need you?  What do you moms do with your little ones while you shower?  This is my solution.  Any better ones?  I have let her play once in my room while I showered, but the mirror makes me nervous, so I just don’t take that chance.  052


I just know Lola will look back at this blog when she’s older and really laugh at her little first home.  I always wonder if we will be the parents who raise all their kids in one home all their life or if by the time she is in high school she will have been in several??  I lived in at least 7 by the time I graduated high school… maybe more?  I loved them all actually.  Grayson house might be one of my favs. 


Linda Coles said...

I love your home! You have really lovelies all around you. and what a thrifty little shopper you are!!
Thanks for sharing.
Love, Linda

Ginni said...

I love the tour of your house, I am going to try to do this soon on my blog. And I am getting closer on our project - I got a camera!! So don't you worry I will be working on it! :)

Anonymous said...

Everything is sooooo pretty. You work really hard to have such a lovely home! I love it all! Fantastic!! Love, Meme'

Tiffany said...

Funny you said that about hobby lobby's knobs... they went on sale 1/2 off this week, hope you find some really cute ones!!

Alycia said...

natalie i love your decorating and style. adorable and what i love love love.