Monday, August 30, 2010

Stinkin’ IN LOVE with FELT!

(This was written on one day and published on another)

I really had no idea what felt was capable of!  I have been ohhing and awing over these felt foods all day on Etsy.  I have seen them here and there and thought they were really cute, but decided to really, really look at them today… and wow!  I am in love and amazed by all the things you can create!  I could have kept going and going and you will quickly see that I have already put way too many up! 

I am trying to decide how hard these are to make and if it’s something I should start tackling.  If I find it’s doable- then I could start now and make Lola’s Christmas stocking full of fun foods and things she would recognize!  And if I don’t ever get to this to do list, then I will have to give in and buy some.  You guys know I don’t like buying things I feel I could possibly make… I never notice felt at fabric stores- I guess I’ll make my fourth trip to Joann’s this week and check it out!  I think all I want for Christmas this year is gift cards and money to go toward sewing supplies, fabric, and a new machine!!!

Even if you don’t have kids, how could you not fall in love with this stuff?  It seriously makes me want to be 4 all over again!

I’ll put the shops names to give them each credit!


Felt Food Tomato Soup with Goldfish Crackers


Felt Play Food Cheeseburger-Bun, Lettuce,Tomato, Cheese, Hamburger


Felt Food Donuts and Box

DIY Felt Pattern Christmas Cookies Set...Santa Plate...Hot Cocoa Mug..PDF

Felt Food Breakfast in Bed Play Set



Limited Edition Felt Halloween Dessert Set

Felt Pop-Tart Set



Half Dozen Assorted Colors Cupcakes- My choice or yours



Sugar Felt Cookie Set


julyhobby (She sells the patterns to these!)

Julyhobby Bundle 14 Sets PDF Felt Pattern Special Price

Sweet Chocolate Gift Set PDF Felt Pattern


Felt Happy Breakfast Set Pattern PDF


Felt Cakes and Tarts Pattern PDF

Happy Fruits PDF Felt Pattern

Happy Pizza  PDF Felt Pattern

Felt Let Go To Fresh Market Set Pattern PDF

mudpie kids  (love the name)

Whole Felt Pumpkin Pie



Felt food Happy  Breakfast No2


Felt Mailbox Pattern - PINK POST OFFICE - Send letters and cookies

Felt Food Steak and Potato Pattern - GRILLING FUN -  Tutorial


Sushi Magnet Set


gulfcoastcottagepdf (patterns)

Felt Food Tea Set - PDF Pattern

Felt Food Pattern - Backyard BBQ Play Set PDF Pattern Hot Dog, Hamburger, Steak, Grill and Accessories

Kitchen Cookin' Pot, Pan, Lid, Tea Kettle, Cookie Sheet and Pot Holder Felt Food PDF Pattern

Felt Food  - Toaster PDF Pattern (Toaster, Bagel, Cream Cheese, Toaster Pastry, Waffle, Syrup and Butter)

Felt Food Pattern- Christmas Cookies, Hot Cocoa and Milk (Santa, Wreath, Tree, Candy Cane, Snowman, Star, Stocking, Cocoa and Milk Mug)

Be A Baker Set Felt Play Food PDF Pattern- Chef Hat, Mixing Bowl, Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoons, Wooden Spoon, Rubber Spatula, Whisk, Salt and Pepper Shakers


buggabugsBAKERY SWEETS - PDF Felt Food Pattern (Cinnamon Rolls, Sugar Cookies, Sprinkles, Spatula, Hot Pad and Baking Sheet)


eikumpel (these may be a good thing to try first!)

Lollipop set - Handmade felt pretend food



Felt Vanilla Cupcake With Aqua And Orange Flowers

Felt Caramel Cupcake With Pumpkin And Aqua Pansies

Felt Halloween Harvest Vanilla Cupcake and Pumpkin 2010

Felt Chocolate Mint Dot and Rose Ganache Cake


Now do you wish you were a little girl again with a pink and purple little kitchen where dishes never get dirty and someone is always available to have a tea party with you??

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